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He was in the same country as multiple victims of a shooting and once heard a loud sound (probably fully automatic gun fire). He has friends who have relatives that have married firearms experts that said something at some point about shooting guns and once stubbed his toe on a door frame made of metal (just like guns are). When he was a toddler, someone opened a can of Pringles really close to his face, causing severe PTSD.

So shudduhfuggup fascist, he knows more than all of us put together.


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Yeah, high school kids often have all the answers, don't they?


[–] Splooge [S] 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Absolutely, you know, so long as (((educators))) feed them properly.

There's so many great examples of kids being asked questions that take them off the beaten path and you just see them blank out completely. Same with college "students" -- one can almost hear the gears cranking: "Oh shit, my professor hasn't told me what to think about this yet."

All education these days are political opinions presented as fact using the argument from authority fallacy.