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The fact that it even came up is a testament to the flood of Californians

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As soon as I read the title I said "man those Californians are fucking up texas"

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Bill sponsor Poncho Nevarez “postponed the bill until 2021 which means the bill is dead.”

Canada ready to ban guns by 2020, now a bill in the state best known for guns and bbq just paused a bill to ban guns, and agreed to resume the bill in 2021. What evidence is there that things won’t be escalating very soon?

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Texas State Representative Poncho Nevarez

What a fine Texan who I'm sure is loyal to his fellow Texan citizens based on the Ideas of the Enlightenment, limited government, natural rights, liberty, and equality under the law, and not at all racial in-group preferences and communism.

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Were I a Texan I'd want to know which reps were in on this - The bill quickly passed the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee...

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It would either die in the house, or the ones coming to confiscate them would he dying in mine.

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As it should.

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