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Can't require ID to vote because it's a tax on a right. This is just fine though.

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Asashio with the loophole!


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And using this policy list you can find each gun owners home. Sneaky sneaky.

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If you still voluntarily live in jew york or commiefornia you are an enemy of america

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I don't want to live here, all my family does

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I want to fix it from the inside

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Put a fork in it its done.

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Dude, there's still lots of nice places in both of those... Oh, who am I trying to kid; they're shitholes.

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Why do they hate poor people?

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Easily defeated in argument. Claim that this disenfranchises the poor from self-defense. "Only the rich are allowed to own guns!", "Somebody call Johnnie Cochran!", etc.

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I really hope both New York and California split into two new states. One with all the faggot cities, and then the other with the normal farmers and hunters and non-faggots. I mean the amount of taxes people that live outside of the cities must be infuriating to them. I’m in California must be good farmland obviously, but if you’ve got a pay your butt hole in state taxes to support the faggot cities what’s the point? And New York I’m sure has awesome hunting And fish and crab boating, but why the fuck bother living there? Because you’re going to have to pay all sorts of horseshit for the Nigger’s live in the city!

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I want them to both secede. Can you imagine the satisfaction of declaring war on them?

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No secession.

They should be expelled from the union.

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You wouldn't need to declare war. It would immediately require that all goods are shipped to different ports to avoid double tariffs / taxes. Every shipping company in the world would avoid them. They'd lose huge amounts of money that drives their working class and would be cutting themselves off from the rest of America. The media was talking about no avocados after 3 weeks from closing the border with Mexico. But if say America closed it's border with California, what would they suddenly need?

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i fucking hate living in NY

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I’d never. No fucking way.

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You have to make the border far enough away from the cities. If you don't, the faggots will move onto the red side for it's lower taxes, commute to the gay bars, and vote it blue eventually.