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That's a combat tampoon holder !

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There is no reason to have a zero retention holster like that, but there may be a reason for that mag, like seatbelt clearance.

I have 2 mags mounted that high up in very similar pouches on my left breast. Except I have them upside down so I can un-velcro and remove the mag in basically one movement. The velcro then acts as a guide/slide to prevent interference from the soft dump pouch underneath.

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You know what drives me nuts in action movies? When the hero chambers the pistol, and the they do the weird one handed thing. That one handed thing where they move the slide back to make sure they chambered said round?

Like, those are 14 - 24 lb springs. You can't really do that with one hand. And also, most guns have an chamber indicator.

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You can, technically, it's just not easy to do (I have done it myself), and more to the point, why the fuck would you bother? They did it towards the end of John Wick 2, but when he does it, he used both hands to yank the slide and chamber it, and then does a one handed press check while his other hand is just leaning on his knee doing nothing. John Wick (first one) succeeded because it showed quick, realistic visceral shootouts with a minimum of special effects, but doing that (in the second) was just stupid. If that were in the first movie, he simply would have chambered the round and, with his hand still on the slide, spent a half second pulling it back halfway just to see the brass, then get back to it.

It's a stupid maneuver that only exists for "rule of cool," and even then that's debatable because I think it looks fucking retarded, and it feels awkward as shit just doing it. The only time I've ever seen a reasonable use of such a maneuver is in video games with akimbo pistols, wherein the player reloads both pistols at once by doing this thing.

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Are you talking about a one-handed press check? It's totally impractical under most circumstances but doable with training. Keanu Reeves does it perfectly in John Wick:


Also, most firearms don't have a chamber indicator, especially not if you're talking about Glocks, 1911s and the like. You actually (in some cases) wouldn't want to do any press checks with certain firearms that have a chamber indicator. For instance, if you try to do a press check on a single stack Springfield XD-S, the chamber indicator might push the slide out of battery and you'd have to unjam it manually.

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I keep two high mag pouches as well, so I can easily get to them if I'm on my stomach.

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Do you keep them with the rounds facing to the left (assuming you're a righty)? 🤣

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Read somewhere its all done on purpose in movies and tv. So they don't come off as mocking military or police when they screw up or don't do something properly. Then it also screws with the people that watch these shows for stolen valor stories and information. Yes people will use the show for factual information on military dress, instead of actual military documents and books. The unsafe and in practical placement of items on police and swat ends up making people doing homework for a heist or robbery look like idiots.

The write up was better written and made me chill on all the screw ups I always spotted, even for "factual" movies.

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It's also often done by real soldiers who're posing for a photo shoot. For example no one would carry grenades like this. They would go off far too easily while crawling through mud and sticks. Grenades were typically stored in pouches which prevented accidentally pulling the pin.

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Grenades were carried like that on just about all small arms ammo cases from M1956 through ALICE gear. That guys is wearing 1956 gear and the grenades are hung from the spoon and secured with an additional strap that I don't see.

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Thank you for allowing me to keep enjoying some TV and movies. This makes things so much better. Still can't handle when they talk stupid about weapons though

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Any chance you can recall where you read that? Sounds interesting.

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It was a comment in some Question sub asking about the inaccuracies.

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Makes it easy to identify who really knows their shit & has actually had to use their gear.

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Well, the mag placement is actually fine as other comments have pointed out.

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You work with her then. I’m still saying no way. I’m on a phone & it looks like the mag is bottoms up. That means she’d have to remove it by lifting up & come all the way out, down & around to her right hand to reload. That’s if she gets it out right the first time. That is time lost. Next time you’re at the range do some speed drills w/your mag like that lmk how it goes. Matter of fact close your eyes & do it.

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Not to mention that holster doesn't completely cover the trigger.. Zipper could easily get in there and cause a discharge.

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Well it is pretty obviously not for that gun. It is barely holding it up.

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Maybe that doesn't ever happen in France?

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I thought I might maybe possibly watch that shit but everything about it seems faggy as fuck

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no one is going to mention the camelbak pouch with no camelbak bladder? She needs to stay hydrated, and yeah, how can she do that without water?

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That's why that bitch is dead. good riddance phewwwweyy!

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