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Those kids have good trigger discipline, good job parents.

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A re-post with a comment that is itself a re-post.


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IS it a repost if I’ve never seen it before? Or made the comment before?

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Terrible legs though.

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Jesus there is like $2000 in stamps alone on this pic let alone the guns..

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And every one of them show great trigger discipline. Too bad they're pointing guns up in the air.

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You obviously haven't taken Hunters Safety...

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What day isn't gun day?

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A suppressed Vector — just because you can doesn’t mean you should, but it’s a free country so I can criticize his choices as easily as anyone here can tell me to shut my goddamn mouth

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Gotta love dad's smile

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Wow, now this is the perfect American family. Where does one caption this one and put into the history books? They look like they live down by the Mexican border, so these things will certainly come in handy.

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