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30 seconds? Mr. stamina over here.

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These were fake ads made by 4chan to trigger anti-gunners. Still hilarious though.

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Then there is the UK, where going full retard is already all the rage:

The latest dispatch from the United Kingdom’s ongoing campaign to eliminate all forms of armed self-defense seems too incredible to be true. Unfortunately, after tracking down the origin of a publicly distributed statement regarding self-defense products on the country’s “Ask the Police” website, we can confirm that British subjects continue to live at the mercy of their potential attackers. Even to the point of baffling absurdity.

The statement appears in the Frequently Asked Questions section of www.askthe.police.uk – a site that is operated by the Police National Legal Database. Information provided by the PNLD and its site are used by local police constabularies to help inform the public.

The question at issue asks, “Are there any legal self defence products that I can buy?” Succinctly epitomizing the sad state of natural rights in Great Britain, the first sentence states, “The only fully legal self defence product at the moment is a rape alarm.” -- https://www.nraila.org/articles/20150529/uk-police-tell-subjects-not-to-harm-their-attackers-get-a-rape-alarm

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That is horrifying. Everybody has a natural right to defend themselves. It's one of two fundamental rights.

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Apparently the English arent people and thus have no rights. This is what I would expect from morons who venerate an inbred old hag.

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The English are cucked to the max and that's why we separated over two centuries ago. We're better. Sorry to need to word it that way, but we're just plain better.

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You never have to apologize around here brother. Strong opinions welcome. Especially if you're trash talking the Brits (says I. the Scot/German).

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US Bill of Rights based on Natural Law as espoused by Locke, Hobbes, et al.

I believe they were Bulgarian & why the UK doesn't know about them.

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I recently spoke with a cuckadian. He said if someone broke into his home and he shot them he would go to jail

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a judge in Welland acquitted him on Thursday of firearms-related charges in connection with a 2010 incident in which he fired three warning shots at a group of men who set his Ontario home ablaze with firebombs.

  • if you've got some time copy/paste "firebomb canada" into your browser and get ready for a laugh. They have excellent gun control but it looks like they need so Bomb Control.

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muslims are gonna eat them fuckers alive

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You will in many US states as well.

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Happy CHemtrails to you!

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and you don't know what youre talking about

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All lives are not equal and the life of a rapist is not worth that of an ants.

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Calling it worse than rape is probably part of an extraordinarily sophisticated tactics to push on colored people raping women, especially white women.

Pretty soon, like with rape statistics, which they screw around with, as with welfare statistics that concern race, they will be covering up all the crimes relating to guns and crime protection stats, which should be easy to do.

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But aren't we told over and over again that the RAPE VICTIM will experience that rape over and over again during their entire lives.

Doesn't this ad trivialize RAPE???

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It does. And if this ad is real, it's gonna piss off the left and piss off the right.

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It depends upon what's more important to you. Disarming the population, or some white "racist" rape "victim". The insanity of the left is surprising at times.

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yeah, just give up the pussy grandma.

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