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The only thing I hate about buying ammo online is all the fucking stickers and messages on the outside of the box telling everyone in the fucking world what's inside the box. I'd like a little freaking privacy.

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I got some 223 ball for 30c a round, some xm855 for 34c a round, and some tul 223 for 29c a round. The tul wasn't on sale but I want to see if it runs, I also accidentally got a mix of fmj and hp of it.

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Ammoseek isn't always the best. Often times I use gundeals on Reddit because like it or not they have codes for free shipping,and other perks.

Once they had the link to a site with never fired brass, federal ammo. 1000rnds for 179.99 and free shipping.

I still have some of it left as well.

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2k rounds of remanufactured green tip for 27c a round, everything else was 29.7c and up with shipping. That is a lot of variety though.

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That's about what I get them at. In bulk, as often as I can afford to. Shipping is a bitch though.

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I was out a long ways and passed by a big country store that had then at that price for 100rnd boxes, 20rnd on the tul. I have seen at my main range 1k 223 in a plastic ammo can equivalent to a 50 Cal military can for 30c a round.