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imgoat.com uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate expired on Thursday, August 30, 2018, 9:59 AM. The current time is Thursday, August 30, 2018, 10:26 AM.


Weird how you post this and their SSL cert "expires" like 20 minutes later

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I feel like this isn't the first time. I used to get that error all the time with Imgoat.

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Site owner just didn't renew his cert. LetsEncrypt kind of sucks that way, since a lot of the time you need certificates issued without the fucking web plugin, and yet it's a pain in the ass to automate dns based challenges.

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I know what the message normally means. The timing is uncanny though

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I have no idea what that means. But i can upload on another site if you want.

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Probably where he got the idea from.

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If this is the item I'm thinking of it is because the drum/barrels are disposable. The author even said that he wouldn't fire it twice using the same set as he would be worried about it exploding. So while yes it resembles the nerf guns it is due to the drum/barrel needing the thickness to contain pressure not the size and length of a nerf dart.

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A version is presented with steel barrel inserts in the cylinder.

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Go grab openstego

Toss files all over the internet as photos

Here's the liberator

Use AES128 to Extract, no password

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All defense distributed files are available as torrent on piratebay3

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True- but I like the extra TAKE-THAT feeling of showing somebody an image and telling them what it is.

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Didn't any one ever teach you the cencorship always works.

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What's all that? Make a .7z archive(or any other file) and put it at the end of any other file. Password protect the archive if you want encryption.

On Windows:

copy /b coverfile + filetohide nameofmergedfile

On Linux:

cat coverfile filetohide > nameofmergedfile

Archives are typically used as filetohide for usefulness and ease(archivers ignore extra data at the start,) and images as coverfile because photo viewers ignore extra at the end. The combo is convincing and easy to separate. That said, the files can be anything.

This method as well as any program you find on google is detectable. 7z+img concatenation requires no special software on the recipient's part, just an archive program of any sort.

To be undetected you would need a tool with a custom algorithm and anyone you sent it to would need the same program.

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Whaaaaat is this sorcery? Pretty cool.

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Was surprised my self.

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Even looking at this caused the deaths of 132 children.

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It made me remember the 6 trillion jewish victims.

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I did not say it was a bad thing.

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Anyone else getting the https error for imgoat?

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I've been having it on and off with imgoat for a while now. I've been ignoring it, since to me it doesn't seem any more or less trustworthy than a site with certs.

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I'm not usually bothered with it, except I wasn't able to ignore->advanced->continue to site. The actual links on the warning page would not work, it was a dead end. It may have something to do with the mobile browser but I don't remember ever having that issue before now.

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Not me. I can upload elsewhere if you want.

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No worries, it had not been a problem until 8/29 for some reason.

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Tried it and mine didn't work. Anyone know a good way on Linux to change this to a 24 bit bmp?

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Tried that and exported as BMP. Didn't see an option for 24 bit but I may have missed it.

Couldn't open the file with my archive manager. Is 7Zip different?

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What did you use? I used paint.net on windows.

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Is this the krusty krabb?

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