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Now it's time for you to have an unfortunate boating incident and lose the gun, along with all its ammunition, overboard.


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I do own a paddle board, and have been approached by seals, otters, and other dangerous wildlife out on the water in the past.

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Sadly all my guns were lost in a tragic blimp accident.

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I'd love a new firearm. More importantly, I need to drop some money on magazines and ammo, then go practice.

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How about next Tuesday?

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Appreciate the invite, sincerely :)

Alas, I'm on the opposite side of the country.

Rural SE USA goat, here.

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Here is some tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJrA7wMXuuQ

Tho note that what he says does not apply to slow fire.

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For the M&P Shield I am a big fan of the Talon grip.


I added it to mine and it made a night and day difference in it's comfort level while shooting.

I have one in 9MM also.

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Cool. Thanks for the link, that’s a cheap add on which I will definitely consider.

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Get the Hogue slip on grips for it. Drastically improves the feel of the gun.

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Cheers mate, I'm fond of the 9mm, myself.