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Yet again I’ll simply shake my head at the absurdity of this pearl clutching. This ruling is nonsensical and obviously biased as fuck. The sooner somebody takes it to SCOTUS the better, because it will get BTFO.

Second point is that pipe and zip gun guides, with guns which are about the same level of effectiveness as the liberator have been publically available for decades. Even sells the official US Army handbook on improvised weapons that shows step by step how to make various pipe guns. If guides for these guns, which are often illegal to make without an NFA stamp, are freely available, how in the heck can a gun which meets the current legal guidelines have it’s blueprints be illegal?

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Well yeah that too. This ruling to delete something from the internet is another amazing example of how judges don’t understand technology.

It isn’t illegal to possess the plans or to print the gun, so the downloaders run no legal risk.