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Yet again I’ll simply shake my head at the absurdity of this pearl clutching. This ruling is nonsensical and obviously biased as fuck. The sooner somebody takes it to SCOTUS the better, because it will get BTFO.

Second point is that pipe and zip gun guides, with guns which are about the same level of effectiveness as the liberator have been publically available for decades. Even Amazon.com sells the official US Army handbook on improvised weapons that shows step by step how to make various pipe guns. If guides for these guns, which are often illegal to make without an NFA stamp, are freely available, how in the heck can a gun which meets the current legal guidelines have it’s blueprints be illegal?

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The liberator itself is available on every single torrent website.

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Well yeah that too. This ruling to delete something from the internet is another amazing example of how judges don’t understand technology.

It isn’t illegal to possess the plans or to print the gun, so the downloaders run no legal risk.

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"This judge's order, stopping us from simply giving things away, was only an authorization that we could sell it, that we could mail it, that we could email it, that we could provide it by secure transfer. I will be doing all of those things, now," announced Wilson.

"A lot of this to me was about principle," he continued. "For many years, I just chose not to sell these files, because I'm an open-source activist. I believed in demonstrating that there was a right to commit this information to the public domain."

Yeah, I had thought the data was already available.

This post https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/08/28/breaking-federal-court-rules-on-online-ban-of-3d-printed-gun-blueprints/ quotes the ruling as saying it's an export issue. Like the cryptography bullshit of a previous era, it's a technicality which attempts to prevent information from exiting borders.

Which is supremely ironic, because the left is fond of claiming to hate borders. But we all know they'll use any powers justified by any laws to achieve any means of destroying lives and rights, like self-defense, property, or assembly.

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Everyone who wants these files in America can get them," he said. "They're allowed to name their own price at our website.

So you can buy them for $0.01, nice. And since they're just files, they're all over torrents before this article was even posted here.

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Or for one rupee.

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I wonder if there is a legal distinction between "you pay and you get it" vs. "it's free but you have to sign up as if it were not free and we'll send you a personal, secret link" like some software companies do for the releases of their free software…

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Pfft I'm not paying that much. Someone hurry up and seed them.

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This allows a paper trail, though, so card processors can track who is purchasing these blueprints. They can then give them to others, but the point remains... I wish I could just send them my email and expect them to send it to me in response

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Would be saner to "invoice" customers. And by that I mean say you'll be sending a bill but never actually do.

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hence crypto

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https://archive.fo/2ulDY :

Man Behind 3D Gun Files Spoils The Left's Celebration Over Ban With Major Announcement | Daily Wire

'To read headline after headline about how you can no longer 3D-print a gun, you can no longer have these files, this is not true. '

'"For many years, I just chose not to sell these files, because I'm an open-source activist. '

'The ruling was intensely shaky and a jab to both the First and Second Amendment, so naturally Democrats were aroused. '

'Defcad will also allow the public to sell their own files via the site. '

'To call an end to the conference, Wilson joked, "I have to go talk to Alex Jones, now. '

This has been an automated message.

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I have no use for one of these but will be buying his file just to support him and his cause. I hope a million others will too. this guy is gonna have to defend himself in court, probably more than once, for exercising his constitutional rights.

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I bet his lawyer is jewish

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HOLY FUCK! WE NEED A CRYPTOGUNCOIN NOW! A cryptocurrency based on purchasing a gun 3d print file. It has value because it can print a gun file. The printable gun file can be exchanged for goods and services, or printed out. You now own 1/100000000000 of an ar-10 motherfucker!

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An ar-10 made out useless ABS plastic.

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A plastic lower would work.

You can also use the printed plastic parts as casting patterns.

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Calling it now: Straw terrorist/mass shooter buyer buys the plans and boom the 3d entrepreneur is vacationing in Guantanamo

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