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Thanks for putting a source, so many post images from an image host with no link to anything to prove it isn't made up.

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You see, more gun free zones means more mass shootings. When everyone is finally dead, mass shootings won't happen anymore. They're so progressive that they're regressive.

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Correlation doesn't imply causation, but for sure this doesn't help the theorists of gun control. It's ridiculous: my whole country has the lowest rate of legal guns and the highest rate of homicide in the EU. Almost no mass shootings, but IMO that's because of sociological differencies (we're not fiercily competitive like in the US), not because there's not enough guns; most shooting unrelated to organized crime stay inside families.

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I agree that one doesn't cause the other but something to think on here. If you were going to go on a shooting spree, and had a bit of your mind to work with. You would pick somewhere either target rich (many gun free zones are this) or with meaning to you. Given the choice would you want people shooting back at you right away? what is the best way to reduce that risk?

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It's not about shootings. It's about control.

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gun free zones are not, ask any criminal.

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Ask any person planning/considering murder if they are worried about the additional charge of having a gun in a gun free zone.

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Yeah, I'm sure they are terrified to be charged with that.

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Proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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That's how we stopped kids from doing drugs. Drug free school zones.

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"We're gonna need a bigger gun-free zone"

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You're doing it wrong. LOL

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Well, technically, once every place becomes a "gun free zone", 100% of shootings will occur in gun free zones…

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