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You're going to find a lot of hate for Taurus in general. Some of it well deserved. But they significantly retooled to create their PT111G2s. Universally this weapon is highly regarded and very reliable. Which really pisses the haters off. IMOHO, you should find out if the PT22 is coming off of the old lines or the retooled lines. That will tell you the answer.

I did some quick checking and found that the PT22, while liked, is one of their older designs. If you are serious about it you should consider the PT22 Poly version, which apparently has design and manufacturing improvements. An ounce lighter as a bonus. Expect to paint your sights. But not really shocking considering the price point and size.

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Can confirm about the new Taurus being good. My carry is a SS PT111 G2 and I like it better for shooting in general than the Glock 26/27.

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I have one as well. The only thing I don't like is the trigger. There is a click halfway back, this drives me crazy wondering if the damn hammer dropped or not.

Also the mag springs are a tad excessive

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I haven’t used a PT-22 because as far as I’m concerned Taurus is a junk brand. Between enough videos of their shortcomings, anecdotes online, and seeing somebody I know have a Taurus revolver frame crack they’ve become a no-go for me.

If you’re hellbent on .22lr have you looked at a Ruger SR22 or a Smith & Wesson 2213?

.22 Bad / 45 good

I mean, “.22 bad” isn’t exactly wrong. The Ruger .380 LCPs are pretty friggin’ tiny, so carrying one isn’t much harder than carrying a .22 and you get a better caliber.

Also, putting some money down on a decent IWB holster might alleviate things further if you get a slim automatic. A gun feels lighter on a belt than it does sagging in a jacket pocket. A good holster combined with a slim profile opens up a lot of options for a .380 or ultra small 9mm.

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My mp body guard 380 is tiny. I guarantee it will kill you tho.

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