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To further OPs post and great reasoning on why we all need to sight our rifles -- Our eyes are not all the same. The number of people who need glasses (short or far distanced) should let you know that what is interpreted right/left is different too. You see those fetal alcohol syndrome kids whose eyes are right beside the nose? The major difference is dominant eye. 10% of people have their left eye as their dominant eye. If you aren't sure of your dominant eye find a point a few hundred yards away and put your hand repetitively over your right and then over your left eye. Back and forth. Whatever eye sees what both eyes see is your dominant eye.


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I forgot to add the dominant eye test. I learned to make a pyramid with both hands and focus on something distant in the center of my vision, then bring my hands to my face while closing each eye. The dominant eye view is relatively unchanged, and the weak eye view is obscured by the hands as they approach the face.