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[–] Dfens 5 points 4 points (+9|-5) ago 

The 1st Amendment is only important to liberals when it's their speech. As soon as you start speaking that's when their Socialist roots really start showing and they go all Stalin/Hitler on your ass. It's for your own good, naturally. After all, they're trying to bring utopia to earth and all those miserable bastards who don't like it need to be tortured and killed, doncha know?


[–] Food_Stamp 4 points 4 points (+8|-4) ago 

The only thing Hitler banned was jewish smut (which is why you faggots hate him), he was one of the most pro free speech leaders the world has ever known.


[–] absurdlyobfuscated 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

This whole conversation has gotten pretty stupid, but based on sources I've found the ban involved a little bit more than that:

a) All writings that ridicule and belittle the state and its institutions, or that attack or question its moral foundation.

b) All writings that attack or attempt to dissolve the order of the community of the Volk and its moral foundation, specifically those against the race and biological requirements of a healthy Volk (marriage, family, etc.).

c) All writings that ridicule, belittle or besmirch the Christian religion and its institution, faith in God, or other things that are holy to the healthy sentiments of the Volk.

d) The writings of the so-called "Asphalt" literature whose characteristics are superficial witticism and a quick intellectualism. These writings may be presented with virtuoso facility, but in its relativity lacks any adherence to the values that provide the basis for the common national, moral and religious life. This literature makes no attempt to strive for these values and goals; it fancies itself in its free-floating intellectualism and thus leads to the total negation of all values and committments (Literature of intellectual Nihilism).

It might be more accurate to describe it as a ban on books that are smut, communist, or anti-German (people, institutions, or values).

Still, Dfens' original point was basically that liberals turn into censoring authoritarians when faced with shit they don't like. The association with other authoritarians was tangential and mostly irrelevant.


[–] Dfens 16 points -15 points (+1|-16) ago  (edited ago)

Yeah, he only tortured and killed one group of people so clearly he was an ok guy. Hmm, but then there were the Slovic people too. And of course he tried to destroy Germany as some of his last acts as their dick-tater. Then there were all those people he killed just because he didn't like them. But hey, by Socialist standards he was a hell of a guy, right?

Edit: say anything bad about Socialists and REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!