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Lawsuit. Straight-up censorship and sidestepping a court ruling.

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They have already shown they can regulate the data you download and keep. You aren't allowed to download child porn. That is not protected speech.

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How would a state-level government even have the infrastructure to do this? The article readz more like they're just telling the company they cant give the plans to people who admit that they live in pa.

I dont understand how that would be enforceable. Do you have to pay money and/or register with your real personal info in order to download the plans? Seems more like this is just meant to virtue-signal to anti-gun leftists than it is meant to be a meaningful and enforceable law.

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I think the injunction is on the Texas company. Which, unless that company has a presence in PA, is completely unenforceable.

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It was put into place this early in the game to both set precedent and financially burden the company who chose to comply rather than to become embroiled in an expensive legal battle.

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PA has a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to bare arms. I hope someone clever gets this to SCOPA.

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PA has a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to bare arms.

Every state allows bare arms. It's not in the Constitution though...

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You mean I've been sleeving las vegas for no reason!?

EDIT: ooh, ooh, I have another one: don't thread on me!

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Where did that come from? I'll rehost it if i have to to keep the file integrity.

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Yeah, a lot of them do that to take personally identifying information out of the comment block.

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it doesnt work :( Where did that come from? I'll rehost it if i have to to keep the file integrity.

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DL avail since 2013, arrr.

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Ph # to gov office.

Oddly enough, they refuse to tell me what guns his bodyguards possess.

Why do you think that?

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An attack on both the First and the Second in one go.

Should be fun in the courts.

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It would be more fun in the streets.

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The wonderful delusion is that they see no similarities with the Chinese government.

This is the part most citizens and everyone in government misses: to defend MY rights I have to defend your rights — regardless of how much I personally hate you.

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The 1st Amendment is only important to liberals when it's their speech. As soon as you start speaking that's when their Socialist roots really start showing and they go all Stalin/Hitler on your ass. It's for your own good, naturally. After all, they're trying to bring utopia to earth and all those miserable bastards who don't like it need to be tortured and killed, doncha know?

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The only thing Hitler banned was jewish smut (which is why you faggots hate him), he was one of the most pro free speech leaders the world has ever known.

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This whole conversation has gotten pretty stupid, but based on sources I've found the ban involved a little bit more than that:

a) All writings that ridicule and belittle the state and its institutions, or that attack or question its moral foundation.

b) All writings that attack or attempt to dissolve the order of the community of the Volk and its moral foundation, specifically those against the race and biological requirements of a healthy Volk (marriage, family, etc.).

c) All writings that ridicule, belittle or besmirch the Christian religion and its institution, faith in God, or other things that are holy to the healthy sentiments of the Volk.

d) The writings of the so-called "Asphalt" literature whose characteristics are superficial witticism and a quick intellectualism. These writings may be presented with virtuoso facility, but in its relativity lacks any adherence to the values that provide the basis for the common national, moral and religious life. This literature makes no attempt to strive for these values and goals; it fancies itself in its free-floating intellectualism and thus leads to the total negation of all values and committments (Literature of intellectual Nihilism).

It might be more accurate to describe it as a ban on books that are smut, communist, or anti-German (people, institutions, or values).

Still, Dfens' original point was basically that liberals turn into censoring authoritarians when faced with shit they don't like. The association with other authoritarians was tangential and mostly irrelevant.

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