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There is an old saying that I think fits this situation perfectly. "Never pick a fight with an old man, if he's to old to fight, he'll just kill you."

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Its always nice to see another happy ending.

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While he may be legally cleared, I still think it was a stupid and bad move on the old guy's side. When the shot was fired the man was already walking away if the man hadn't turned to face the old guy at the last second he would have shot him in the back almost.

I am not saying he should have waited until the guy was ontop of him beating him to death, but draw weapon assess situation and then shoot. He can draw his hand-gun or get in a ready state to shoot without actually shooting.

In the end it's an unfortunate and sad event. The man should not have pushed the old man, it was over the top. And ideally the guy would have spared the man's life.

Just seems like the old guy was out looking to shoot someone, starting a fight, then instantly shooting the guy.

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Not what I saw. I saw a chimp nigger posturing and talking shit before he was about to continue the attack. He didn't treat until he was already shot

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Just seems like the old guy was out looking to shoot someone, starting a fight, then instantly shooting the guy.

From the WTFS article (the source for this article) that sounds like exactly the scenario that played out.

The store owner tells ABC Action News that Drejka has a history of assaulting people in the very parking lot the shooting took place. A man who frequents the store told ABC Action News he had a run-in with the man who opened fire just one month ago.

Rich Kelly says the man picked a fight with him over a parking spot, using racial slurs, and even threatening to kill him. Now, a month later, a similar case, ending with a father killed in front of his 5-year-old son.

He started shit with this guy's girlfriend because she parked in a handicap spot. Dead guy comes out and escalates the situation (bad choice). Drejka final got the excuse he was waiting for.

Bad time to pull this shit with the left foaming at the bit to take our rights away already.

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He has no history of assualting anyone. The Reddit thread on this had people debunk it. He threatened and yelled at people but never assualted anyone at the store.I He confronted people, possibly these niggers even, repeatedly because they kept parking in the handicap spot.

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I've been thinking about this.

The older guy picked an argument.

The dead guy picked a fight.

When you get into an argument, you might get your feelings hurt. When you get in a physical fight, you might end up dead.

I don't buy the "he shouldn't have started it" line.

P.S. If this surprises you or you feel that's unfair, you're probably the aggressor.

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Reads just like hands up don’t shoot.

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I don't know if the guy should be charged, but I feel like they might be to bring up the fact that he has a prior history with violence/assaulting/threatening people.

And use it against him in the sense that 1.) there wasn't much threat displayed by the now dead guy, and 2.) he seemed to be hunting for a situation to use his weapon.

When I got my concealed, they taught me to kind of be a "wimp" when it came to confrontations: Don't start shit, don't escalate shit, just ignore it.

Because you might get yourself in the situation above.

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