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Came here for the hooktube.com link.

It's like forgetting that your dog died when you come home from work =(

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Of all of Obama's hateful crew of traitors, Holder is the one I would like most to see in prison.

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You misspelled "hung from a tree".

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What a no-good, cotton-picken’, low-down, sassafras’n, dirty rotten gun grabber!


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Holder is up to his eyeballs with the mafia, and I'm sure they're not without their guns

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So the same way paper destroyed the reputation of marijuana? Fucking piece of shit, no problem lying when it comes to waht liberals want. Remember, liberals love democracy as long as you vote the way they want you too. When you don't, every which mechanism is used to drag feet and not do something. ACA was fucking voted on in dead of night, against the will of the people, with a supreme court which blatantly disregarded the constitution. Meanwhile, brexit is dead, and the votes didn't matter

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Nigger ass Nigger

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Liberal progressive lying POS nigger.

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traitor ass nigger

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