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No, their people actually give a damn about their rights and who they put in office.


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indians remember


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Yes, we care about rights. No, the people in office are just as corrupt as any other state, overlorded and corrupted by Big Oil. Just one recent item: remember Sen Shorty? About a year ago he was convicted and imprisoned after being in a motel room with an underage boy, with lube and marijuana, for a sexual encounter. And that's just one example of our fine folks here. There are many other corruption charges that have been filed like any other state and just passed the largest tax hike in state history (regressive taxes-mainly paid by the poor), had a 2 week teacher walkout due to over 10 years of education cuts (lowest teacher pay in the US). They play the Religion angle a lot and get elected by some really ignorant people. I know you must just be unaware due to this one rare example of a popular topic, but is extremely rare and the state govt is as bad, sometimes worse, than every other state.


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our education system could be greatly improved if we eliminated the bloat. 150+ school districts? not one word of this in the news. the mantra was: tax us better! smh. if Florida can do it with ~70 districts, why can't we do it with a number more like them. if we ONLY consolidated the power structures of OKC and Tulsa metro areas, that would kill a LOT of bloat.

edit: holy shit wiki says OK has 520 school districts.