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Play stupid games, Win stupid Prizes.

What, did they think that the anti-gun people would come out in droves to buy shit they would not buy anyway just to support their political agenda?


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That's the thing I don't get, who did they think they would impress?

The antigun lobby, and the left in general, for that matter, isn't exactly known for its need of sporting goods. Except maybe a new bikelock now and then.


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The CEO did it to keep his job. He knew the quarterly numbers were going to be terrible. By virtue signalling, he has something to blame that isn't his poor management.


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Yep. REI’s anti-gun stance makes sense given the majority of their customer demographics (rich urban yuppies that occasionally venture into outdoor pursuits on the weekend), but Dicks caters to team sports like football & baseball and just about every football and baseball player I know (that has the money to buy their own gear, so not inner-city black youth) is a down to earth country boy that likes to hunt and fish and are more than likely to be NRA members. Dumbasses shooting themselves in the foot...again.


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That and those cheap tents they all leave after festivals


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Apparently, kowtowing to the vocal minority isn't good for business after all. Didn't see that coming.


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He told Fortune that Dick’s decision to limit gun sales was a “prudent decision both from a business and PR perspective,” though it’s unclear why angering a customer base would ever be a prudent business decision.

Seriously! Intentionally spiting your customers is not a good business decision.


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It's not even spitting on your customers anymore. If the law says x,y,z, you do xy,z. What you don't do is create new company by-laws and then keep changing them. What stops any of these companies saying no guns under 35? Absolutely nothing. And Dicks and theit customer base knows this. Also fuck the left. They have no problem changing company policy to override and ignore local and federal laws, but the right is Hitler when they so much as breathe the wrong way.