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Isn't that why God gave us the .357 magnum?

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I have an 8 round .357. Cause 8>6

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Hollow points are a good option for either.

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Six is enough if you don't wave the gun around and jerk the trigger like a spaz.

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6 rounds is enough for an encounter with a single attacker. If it doesn't seem like enough, you need to train with it more.

If there's more than one person, though, more rounds can come in very handy.

[–] kreepyasskraker 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

A .380 in the heart is more deadly than a .50 bmg to the pinky this woman just didn't hit the dindu in the right spot. That being said I'd rather have atleast one 15 round mag to get the job done. 6 shots is 3 shots for two intruders 2 shots for 3 intruders. Throw in a miss /non lethal hit on a moving target and you are in trouble.

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She hit him five times in the face and neck, as he entered the attic. The head is armored, and handguns aren't great at going into heads. You can talk about more powerful calibers, but any handgun will be have poor effectiveness against a person, even moreso if you only get a shot at his head.

If you have an unobstructed target, best to aim for the upper thoracic cavity. Much less hard bone between the muzzle and the aorta.

Alternatively, have a shotgun or carbine for home defense. Handguns poke holes, longguns tear flesh from bone.

In any event, she is very lucky she had a gun and was able to defend her family. Otherwise we'd be reading about a mother of two, raped and murdered, right in front of her two children.

[–] kreepyasskraker 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

I disagree about all handguns being underpowered just for the simple fact that a 10mm will give you 15 rounds of 750 ftlbs. That's a lot of whoop ass in a small package.

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.30 carbine is the most anemic centerfire rifle cartridge I can think of.

It has 15 rounds of 950 ft/lbs, or a full 25% more energy than 10mm.

The only reason we have handguns is because we can't fit a longgun in our pocket.

Handguns are an inferior class of weapons, bar none.

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It's better to have them and not need them, then to need them and not have them.

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Empty it center mass and that fuckers blood will be gone by the time he reaches the front door.

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No. 18+1 is the correct answer.

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