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Complete noob here with a question.

One thing I've never understood about the different calibers is what determines which type "hits harder". 9mm is "bigger" than 7.62mm, but 9mm is used in (mostly) handguns while 7.62 are rifle and do more damage.

Does the gun actually have an effect on how fast the bullet is traveling? Or is it the powder used that changes the impact (more powder = more acceleration = more force)?

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It's a combination of barrel length, and case capacity. You say 9mm, but all that means is the caliber in question fires a projectile that is 9mm in diameter. The common handgun caliber, 9mm Luger is 9x19. 19 is the case length, to which gives you an idea of how much powder is behind the round... But you might be referring to 9x39 cause the VSS Vintorez is badass. 7.62 is the same story however 7.62x39 is what an AK47 shoots, and 7.62x51 is a common hunting round, and military battle rifle cartridge. 7.62x25 is an old Russian pistol caliber for reference. In general pistol rounds are slower, shorter and kill you by poking a hole in something important so you bleed out. Rifles kill you by dumping a ton of energy into you, and causing your tissue to shred itself getting out of the way. Speed kills. For example. Let's take a 9x19 and a 7.62x51 both firing a 8gram bullet. The 9mm bullet with be traveling at around 350m/s with 490 joules. The 7.62, will be traveling around 940m/s with 3610joules. Getting shot isnt good, but the rifle bullets speed is what makes it exponentially more lethal, and powerful. The gun comes into play with letting the bullet accelerate up to those speeds. A 9x19 fired down a longer barrel, will be faster, and more lethal. A 7.62x51 fired out of barrel half as long as usual will be much slower, and less effective.

Revolvers and shotguns fire much heavier projectiles, much slower than a rifle, but the extra inertia and energy helps them damage the target more like a rifle would, but more due to the direct damage of the hole poke. Ballistic gelatin testing videos can demonstrate this well. Personal opinion, the rifle will always win.

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Thank you very much. That was exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for. I didn't realise bullet caliber was also measured in length (like I said, I'm a noob), or that barrel length had an effect on speed.

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I'm no expert but I believe it's a combination of what caliber bullet plus the casing it's in plus how much powder is used. A 357 magnum and a 38 special are similar bullet sizes but there is more force behind the 357 from the larger casing and more powder (I think).

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. A 357 magnum and a 38 special are similar bullet sizes but there is more force behind the 357 from the larger casing and more powder (I think).

No, .38 special was developed in the late 19th century and loaded with Black Powder, hence the size of the brass case.

With modern smokeless powders you could load .38 spec. up to the same velocity/pressure as .357 Magnum, only if you shot this short Magnum in a revolver designed for .38 Spec pressures, you have a problem.

A lot of 9mm ammo and .38 Special ammo are basically equivalent, only the 9mm comes in a much smaller package.

The longer brass of the .357 Magnum is to prevent it from fitting in the .38 Special cylinders.

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You can actually shoot .38's in .357 sized guns (at least I have in the past)

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Most 357 will accept 38 and just shoot softer as it’s the same bullet diameter with less case and powder. Those who range practice tend to shoot the cheaper softer 38@ the range, save the hot loads for defense or outdoor fun.

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Bullet "Racing". Is this an attempt to be PC?

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,45 make sure they stay down.

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I am gonna guess you didn't understand the video or the title of the submission.

While I exaggerate, Usain Bolt can outrun the .45 ACP.

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Hornady Critical Duty .45 +p. 220 gr. 970 fps. 450 ft lbs out of a 4" barrel. Ive heard of perps locally getting hit with 9mm and running away.