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Not surprising in the least. Their guns aren't just a shadow of what they once were, they're a fucking cruel joke to people in the gun world. Even something with as much name recognition like the 870 shotgun is just a flimsy rust bucket.

I'll weep for the name, but not for what they've become.

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How the fuck can a gun company lose money, when Americans are buying guns hand over fist?

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The company is much bigger and over-bureaucratized for the line-up of profitable guns. If a small company like SCCY were making RM380, they could be profitable (well, obviously Rohrbaugh wasn't, perhaps it was too small). But it's like asking how Beechcraft, the maker of Hawkers and King Airs, managed to take upon 2.4 BILLION in debt and then go bankrupt. There's no company too big to be driven into the ground by its management.

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They stopped making good guns. 870=rust the 700 is frequently out of spec, their latest handguns like the R51 and RP9 both jam every other rounds and are shitty quality in many ways. Then you have the lawsuits for their older 700s that we're going off and killing people. As a avid gun collector they just don't make anything I really want to buy.

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Financial mismanagement. The pe firm that bought them bought up other companies and financed the deals with debt, but business did not improve enough to be able to service all the debt they issued.

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I'm sure the word on the street is going to be blah blah quality. In reality, the quality of almost every gun is at the Big R's level, and I'm not talking about just Marlins: even Glock nowadays does the same. They ship guns that barely work, then have customer service repair guns that don't work in customer hands. The R51 was a gigantic debacle in the public's mind, but not very important across the whole company.