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Restore the 2A and repeal the NFA, GCA68, FOPA, and every other unconstitutional piece of anti-gun legislation in existence. If the cops can have it, I should be able to have it.

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And the ATF still doesn't give one single flying fuck that 85% of people oppose them

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What is a backdoor bump stock?

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its when you bump your stock into someones backdoor

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Uhh.... what if they answer the door?

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Abolish the ATF and abolish all intelligence agencies and bureau's and spy agencies and alphabet soup agencies and abolish all law enforcement agencies and abolish all prisons abolish google it has become an Orwellian alphabet soup agency it's in their name it says so i hate google.

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15% sounds high, I remeber looking through the comments and not being able to find one that supported more regulation.

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Another way for the swamp to oppress us. Every false flag attack takes us closer and closer to Zion 1000 year rule.

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Why does this story sound so familiar?

Oh!! It's the network neutrality script with words switched around.