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Good. That should boost producion and sales and create a huge run on stockpiling ammo by we law abiding citizens. Look what Obama did for the gun industry - he sold more guns than anyone could have ever imagined and the gun industry answered by offering tons more newly designed, better guns that are more efficient and less expensive, putting even high-quality guns within reach for all of us. I feel the same thing will happen with ammo now.

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MFW Wolf bring their 9x39 AR barrels to market this year.

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Except for those. LOL.

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The UN shouldn't exist.

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Not necessarily a bad thing for the US:

And as it becomes harder to import parts and components, U.S. manufacturers will source domestically—as, indeed, they are already starting to do.

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Something vital to us should be made here as much as possible. Other countries should only be relied on to handle overflow in case we can't keep up with demand.

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We don't need to import guns. We've made more advancements in firearms and warfare than any other nation.

In 10 years the world will be like:

Where the fuck did you get that?

Who would ever need something like that?

Can I have one?

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In the last five years the US also made significant technological leaps in bullet technology.

Meanwhile every one else is either modifying old designs or ripping some one else off.

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You mean the secret squirrel sniper bullets?

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Trump will sign none of these treaties. Part of me hopes the UN try to enforce their "laws". If I ever see UN troops in my town I will shoot at them.

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Time to boost domestic production. Let's not stop until there's four ARs in every home, and on the weekends, lets take them down to the park and line them up on the grass to spell "Fuck the UN"

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If worse comes to worse I'll just print my own