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Considering the massive tax savings and non liberal shit, I can't believe more companies dont do this. California is a meme state.

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Who is John Galt?

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Who isn't anymore?

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More companies are; there's currently a massive business exodus from CA.

Many are actually moving to Texas.

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Many are actually moving to Texas.

With all the illegal spics TX is going to be bluer than CA in a decade.

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I hate it. I moved on my own before it started to get away from them, and now they are overwhelming this area as well.

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Sweet. We get to carry their baggage lol.

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You have free immigration within the US? There's a migratory faggot flock of detroit inducing parasites making turns and growing.

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Companies are doing this, all the ones that can't afford to stay in business here are moving whether they can afford it or not. Hell, Toyota is moving from here to the Dallas, TX area (Plano I think).

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We had a Weatherby Gun shop in los angeles, I remember the elephant foot ash tray and other stuffed animals. I still have my Weatherby 308 and love that old thing.

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I have a 7MM Weatherby Mag. It's insane. It's why I started reloading, the cost of ammo for that motherfucker will break anyone if you actually feel like shooting it very often.

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I bought a 8mm mauser from Weatherbys and then had them do a custom job on it with a Weatherby Variable 10x to 10x scope, It has the kick of a horse.

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With California's overbearing regulations that would stifle any business added to the antigunners, its a wonder they stayed this long.

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When the enemie's gun manufacturing transfers to your territory.


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Very nice

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Same thing Magpul did after the dems in Colorado tried to outlaw firearms with their 'muh feelz' faggotry.

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CA has been bleeding businesses since a few years ago. Music to my ears. They think the solution to everything is to tax tax tax tax and tax some more. Stupid motherfuckers.

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I had completely forgotten about Weatherby. I never hear about them.

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Sold out, made plastic guns the got massive contracts to Walmart. Shame really, them West German built rifles are nice

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I always assumed that Weatherby is a British company, it is a very British sounding name. Wouldn't have expected it to be from California of all places.

Weatherby guns are a rarity here, never seen one in real life, one online shop was selling .300 Weatherby Magnum Mark V Ultra Lightweight for 880€ that I considered for a bit (went with .300 WM Tikka T3 Light instead which was about the same price, but more common caliber)