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Thanks, I agree. I will not be going there, but fair IS fair.


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It's not fair that you can't be armed as you are out in public, or face criminal charges. It would be fair if they told you to leave for any reason.

I also have my permit, but I don't really have the 'right' to carry as a habit. I have the 'right' to be unemployed, or to break the law. I don't have the right to carry and not tell my friends who I hang out with. There is no way to go downtown to have fun with non-gun people and then just assume you can have your gun with you.

Ideally, we'd get more people to be pro gun and businesses could have their own policies, but would not be able to get you in trouble with the law. There's no criminal penalty regarding a no knife sign, a no pencil sharpener sign, etc.

I'd also point out that it's not fair for women who take the train home at 1am to be unarmed. However, due to the current legal context (mr mohammad's family will sue the company if you shoot him in self defense) and due to the type of people who are attracted to working in HR ... people aren't going to be able to carry at work.