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bring it on! pedal to the metal! defund the cops, come for the guns, move a nigger into every white home!

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which he couldnt pass

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Maybe if he can pass one first.

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No, they don't get another inch. The police are already subjected to psychological evals, and look at how many of them are fucked.

Even if Biden could pass (he doesn't even need to in order to contract private security), the parameters could be changed at any point in the future.

Shall not be infringed.

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Can we get a psych test for presidential candidates first? I mean at worst a gun owner could perform a mass shooting. Presidents can start nuclear armageddon at the push of a button. Remind me why I can't be trusted to protect myself, but Joe fucking Biden can be trusted to not only wipe his own ass, but to have the power to turn the surface of the earth to glass and humanity to vapor?

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only BLM and Antifa will pass the jew psychologist administered tests

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Obviously he and Harris and the whole leftist would fail