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Then it's time to show the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Also, he didn't "kill" constitutional carry since that's exactly what we're supposed to be able to do anyway. This pile of filth is a traitor to the United States and should be dealt with as such.

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"I'll teach those uppity peasants by doing the exact opposite of what they want!"

t. alleged elected representative

But yeah this is exactly what the guns are meant for. The protestor's mistake was not realizing that.

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There's lots more to the issue. McNutt didn't "go to his house"... He was canvassing the entire neighborhood. From what he said, he saw the DPS (department of public safety, think state police) security detail in front of Bonnen's house, told them that he was distributing flyers in the neighborhood, and asked if it was okay if he left flyers with them. They said okay, so he did. Apparently there was no interaction with anyone but the security detail, and never approached the house.

TXGR’s McNutt confirmed Bonnen’s house was on his block walk list, and he did speak with two DPS troopers who were parked near Bonnen’s home and chatting when he arrived. He did not dispute that he walked past Bonnen’s home, but he never approached the Speaker’s home, and didn’t speak with anyone, according to multiple sources.


Bonnen later threw a fit at a republican fundraiser where McNutt was in attendance, reportedly assaulted him, and caused such a disruption that he (Bonnen) was asked to leave.

Speaker Bonnen then grabbed Texas Gun Rights director Chris McNutt, according to Mr. Rinaldi and Wylie. Bonnen then proceeded to accost McNutt about some blockwalking McNutt had recently completed in his district.

Bonnen continued to accost McNutt for some time, and refused to quit, despite being asked to leave by a staffer. Bonnen even accused the TXGR director of threatening him, one source said. David Wylie confirmed this account, but differed slightly, saying Bonnen went so far as to accuse McNutt of assault.


Keep in mind that, through all this, Bonnen has kept an A rating from the NRA and TSRA (Texas State Rifle Association). Just in case you ever wonder whose side they're on.

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The NRA aren't on the gun owners side anymore. They're just a Republican PAC now. Case in point, Trump signs an EO outlawing bump stocks and doesn't get chastised by the NRA, but Obama was constantly under attack and he had the govt giving away guns.

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Fuck your revisionist bullshit about Obama.

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Riiiiight... Like he was ever going to pass it.

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Im going to have to go to austin to exrpress how fucking shitty this is. I cant concealed carry because of a fucking misdeamanor wish the law would change

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this will not help the situation, nor will taunting gun owners in general

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"There is never a time or place to physically threaten an elected official with violence."

Good job completely missing the point:

"If politicians like Speaker Dennis Bonnen think they can show up at the doorsteps of Second Amendment supporters and make promises to earn votes in the election season, they shouldn’t be surprised when we show up in their neighborhoods to insist they simply keep their promises in the legislative session,"

Buncha phonies. Guess Dennis Bonnen - a name I didn't care to know before today - is a petulant elitist who thinks winning an election made him better than the electorate.

I'll be sure to vote against him however I can forevermore. "Deal with traitors first," as they say.

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Nice to see that our politicians are more concerned about their egos than the Constitution.

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As they used of say of people of this ilk, "String him up!". (- but of course I would never suggest or encourage that any harm come to an elected official - no matter how big of a self righteous bastard asshole he was.)

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