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30rd mags are not “high capacity”, they are standard capacity.

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Well, the people most likely to boycott Dick's would be the ones who would also be the customers of their firearms section; so shutting down those sections and adding more stuff that soyboys would buy instead seems logical.

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Precisely. If they don't sell weapons, why sell weapon accessories, or toys that you need weapons to play with. It hasn't hurt their stock any in the last year either. They aren't waving a white flag, they are phasing out stock that doesn't sell and utilizing that space for products that will.

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Of course, the fact the stock doesn't sell because they pissed off good customers is beside the point.

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You are driving in the middle of the desert and your car breaks down. You have no cell service, no water, and no food. There is nothing for hundreds of miles in any direction except a lone Dick's Sporting Goods store.

Question: How long will it take you to die of exposure?

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White flag? That’s no surrender it’s a textbook libtard, quadruple-down on SJWism maneuver. This is more akin to a kamikaze pilot crashing his plane into his own aircraft carrier.

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Bit by bit, they fade into obscurity. Their gigantic complexes lay mostly abandoned, shelves fully stocked with unmoving inventory.

I'm no sure what they expected when they pissed off two thirds of the country, but I'm sure it wasn't this.

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I think the Field and Stream store is the same company. They'll just sell the guns and hunting stuff there and focus on sports at Dick's

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Absolutely correct, however folks are wise to what is going on. Field and Stream has stopped carrying scary black rifles, and because of that, their business is down. Dicks can sell the property, or they can let the albatross hang around their neck continue to bring them ruin.

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replace it with products and in-store experiences that are most relevant to our athletes in those markets.”

It's like they can't see the disaster coming. One idiot decision after another........

and tell me Dick's, what are you going to replace your hunting products with? "Sports products" you say? Like um, more basketballs and air jordans n' sheeit? Well what kind clientele do you think you're going to attract?

  • those soccer moms aren't going to be interested in buying yoga mats at a store filled with niggers.

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I look forward to Camping World's acquisition of Dick's brands to go along with Gander Mountain.