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Hello and welcome to another Friday night guitar thread! Like most weeks, I'll go ahead and get you started!

The MFU site is now officially a year old and we wanted to mark the anniversary with something special.

We thought and thought about this - recording a whole lot of material, actually. What, exactly, does rock entail? What is the essence of rock? And, we simply didn't find a single song that encapsulated this. Until we thought about it some more.

What more speaks of the pimply faced teen years of rock than a song that's way too much fun to play while carrying a serious message? Nothing!

After all, rock takes the blues a step further. Only in rock will you find yourself dancing to a song that is about the darkness! Rock has, at its core, a sense of stepping away from an issue and looking at it from a different light.

So, with that in mind, we play you something that sounds much happier than it is. We give you something that lets you escape for a moment and not stare into the darkness but to dance to it instead.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the Eldest Hoodlum and TheBuddha Band!


Yes, yes we did pick that song. That's what rock is. It's a way to look at things with a new pair of eyeballs. It's a reflection of society. When you look into the mirror of rock and roll, you see yourself. Who doesn't dream of being on the stage and being a star? Who doesn't want a bit of life to be made just a little less jagged? Who doesn't want the comfort that music provides?

This is my guitar student in whom I am well pleased. ;-)

Rock on, goats! Rock on!

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Nice selection! Very pop-ey without the lyrics, very bouncy and yes I see what you mean... a dance effect definitely going on!

I could fandango on that with castanets faw sure!

So nicely done and actually sooo colorful sounding and nothing black and gloomy about that :)

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Yup, even though the lyrics are dark, it still makes us wiggle.

It's sort of like how a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.

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Music is a wonderful thing, thats for sure. You two sure sounded great there. That was just beautiful!

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"Thank you. That's the second song I know with a capo. It is easy!"

Thanks. We were trying to define rock with it. It seemed suitable.

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You two did it! What a great choice, and yes I did enjoy it. I was thinking the Stones would be a great representation and you picked one the best songs to show it. Even has an early riff.

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"Thank you. That one is easy."

And, we went through so many songs before picking that one. It's a good thing it was easy for her, as we were rapidly running out of time.

Rock is, by the teen years, no longer bubblegum rock and is then exploring different social aspects. It's delving into deep subjects and simultaneously making them easier to cope with and examine. By that point, it has become a window to the world at large.

This song is a good example of that.

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That's one of the great ones. It carries on to generations. I love the sad/happy sound it displays. That's hard to do. It's like Proud Mary. Sad and happy.

Why in the fuck didn't these assholes play at Woodstock '69? Too big or something?

Speaking of Woodstock 50, you gonna play there? Anybody here gonna go there?

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Better keep checking 'cause right now it's cancelled unless they can find a new site.


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Did not know that was even a thing. Where is it? When?

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I am strictly regional. I don't want to spend more than a single night in a hotel.

I've already violated that rule, but that's because I fucking suck at retirement.

So, no... We weren't invited, didn't ask, and wouldn't do the show. We try to not leave Maine, going maybe as far as NH. I'd also be willing to do VT or parts of MA. I'm not that desperate for cash and the band is making an adequate income.

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Well, there's things that I'm not happy about and I wanna do better next time, but if I don't post something I'm never gonna get around to it. Here's a song I wrote called "Radio" about turning up your car radio to cover up the noise of everything going wrong with your car. Cheers! https://instaud.io/3ODz

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I like it! So nice that you are sharing! Such a good vibe to it! Reminds me of cruising music, slow riding next a long shore line, memories dude...long open road, breeze blowing through the hair! 👍


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I love it! Thanks. I like to crank that sort a think up right when I hit the on ramp to the free way!

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Don't be so hard on yourself. That's catchy, interesting, and something many folks can relate to.

It kinda reminds me of Piece of Shit Car, except your song is lyrically and rhythmically superior.

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Thank you! I appreciate that! I like to write catchy stuff

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Nice, has a rollicking vibe going on there. At least you made it home!

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Thanks! I get where I gotta be, one way or another haha

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That's a damn good song man. You got some songwriting skills.

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Thanks man! I haven’t been playing guitar for too long so I can’t really shred like some people but I have been playing music for 20 years so I gotta have something to show for it haha

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Thanks to crazy_eyes, here’s:

@gabara’s war march

I told buddha I would upload something while still at the studio. I didn’t tell him I’d still just be jotting it on my phone, although that may have been implied when I said I had ‘3 minutes’ to do it.

Then I got back home and did all manner of home things. And now I spent a godforsaken amount of time trying to convert m4a to mp3! (Actually, no. That was easy. I still haven’t figured out how to download the damn thing back to my phone without giving out a Dropbox login to a site I’ve never heard of. I give up.

Enjoy! I don’t know how long it will last until it gets wiped or otherwise. I call this: @gabara’s war march


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Noice! Live drums > my drum machine

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Everything has its place. I really enjoyed your tune. Seems funny that many of us goats are moving or have recently moved.

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Brings me back to my high school marching band days

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{"error":"This process does not have any output files.","code":400}

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Looks like we’ve reached the max amount of downloads? It seems @gabara and @crazy_eyes got it, at least.

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If you can send me the mp3 file, we have a FNGT instaudio account I can upload it to so it doesn't have to be downloaded.

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Here's my favorite that I did about 2 weeks ago!


Enjoy the listen guys!!

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That was excellent. Sweet song man. Like I have told you before thats not really the style i normally listen to but that was truly great

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Got em coach!! You make me wanting to come back CE. I’ll see you again in a few weeks!

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This one doesn't really quite meet my quality expectations. As such, it ended on the cutting room floor.

It'd be fine for a bar or even a live performance, but I hold studio work to a high standard and this doesn't really meet that. It's not bad, but it's not perfect.

This one has both EH and I, and also stars J on the bass.


You'll recognize it.

(This is my guitar student, in whom I am well pleased.)

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Beautiful such a romantic sounding song though... oh a nice male vocals would be such a treat for this!

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It's one of my favorites.

Voat is back up and running, though I'm headed to bed shortly.

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What else can I say, that was wonderful!

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The song is actually about his friend's wife. If I recall correctly, they got a divorce and he hooked up with her after that.

At least that's my recollection.

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I bought an iBook in 2003 (first personal computer ever) and downloaded some TablEdit stuff. Tef files. This one I loved and been trying to play it ever since. It's arranged by some guy named Yves Keraos. I tried for years to play this. It's hard as hell.

I figure you pick up a guitar and might it as well make it talk. Got that from the Boss, "picked up this guitar and learned how to make it talk."

My Way

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Nice job dude. Nice mellow reflective type song. Frank was a boss

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The music part of this song was originally a french song, "Comme d'habitude", and the lyrics made popular by Sinatra were written by Paul Anka.

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One of them songs that will not go away. Sooner or later, everybody digs it.

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if I remember right there was someone else that the record company had write lyrics for the music but they didnt like what they came up with so they asked paul anka to take a try and he hit it out of the park.

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Sounds real nice man. I can hear that theres a lot of fingering changes going on all the way through that one.

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You ain't kidding. Every measure. Played it thousands of times as you know how that goes.

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Last Saturday night I went to Verles house and had a few beers with him over there. While I was there I got his guitar out and was playing a song I made up and Verle just starts singing out of nowhere along with me. I had not even made up words to it, but it sounded cool. So I said to him that we should do it again and record what he sings, cause he couldnt even remember what he said, that way we could hear it again and we might know what he was singing. So I start to play that song again and people start knocking on the door and interrupting. So we never got to play that one over. Kept stopping to talk to the people at the door and whatnot. I did manage to play a different song that I had made up the riff for some time back that I dont have words to, just to see if Verle would come up with lyrics to that and to my surprise he did. I dont know what to call is, so I just called it Verlestyle

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That's the most appropriate title you could have.

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Lol, open the beer and play a geetar and somehow Verle comes back from the dead, oh how funny, pure Lol, this is hilarious, he really can’t help himself can he?

Haha! Cool share!

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No, he can't help himself. He says I dont feel like singing then immediately starts singing!

He always makes me laugh

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Your riff has a Doobie Bro's ring to it. I can almost make a few of the lyrics, but that's not really important. You all are what playing music is all about, having a great time. Rock on!

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It does kind of have a doobie brothers feel to it. I really just couldnt come up with anything that sounded good to sing over that but Verle just starts belting shit out the first time he ever heard the music. I love that!

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I've been through the danger zone. Top Gun theme. Yee ha!

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Im not following you ...

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Here's one from the cutting room floor.

This didn't make the cut not because of quality reasons but because it didn't quite suit the purpose for this week.


EH insists that @cycnicaloldfart will like that one. I'm inclined to agree.

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I didn't see the 'not' and I was listening going "Well this is pretty much note for note perfect down to the fills and would pass for a live version any day, what is wrong with this man?!" Every time I pop into one of these threads you are nailing the classics man. Do you play in a 60's cover group or something?

I'm a 30-something boomer and I love the Allmans, live at the Fillmore would probably be my desert island album.

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You need to hear a lot of his work. You can look at all the tracks shared by him and all others here https://fngt.gq/search/. Plug in his name and many will show up, or you can go through the forums to the archives and listen by each weeks thread.

I don't suppose he'd mind if I re-shared his original FNGT theme song, all parts played by him:


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I play in a high-end, high-production cover band. Picture rolling in with a giant stage, truck full of gear, and able to easily fill an outdoor event with a couple hundred thousand people.

But, I'm actually a classical guitarist by training.

I've also been playing for over 5 decades. If I can't play well after this long, I should probably give it up. 'Snot ego when I steal Sublime's line and say, "I can play the guitar like a motherfucking riot." I can.

I've invested many, many tens of thousands of hours into this. Even today, I'm in my sixties, I practice at least two hours every day.

I'm going to drop another new track in a few minutes.

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Do you have a volume pedal? This makes me think of one and I think you’d have a lot of fun with one

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LOL Yes, I have one. I have every type of pedal you can imagine - and then some.

I've got boxes and boxes of them...

No, I don't have a good reason for having that many!

I also don't use a pedal board, I have what I call my pedal station. When I go on stage, my station is around my center mic stand.

counts in his head

There's just 19 pedals on it currently. That's down from 24. However, some are multi-effects pedals and I've been using a new Boss multi-effects pedal that lets me use a bunch of presets.

I should explain that my goal is to sound exactly like the original artist, inasmuch as possible. So, I can't just use a Tube Screamer and cover Nirvana. I need the DS-1 for that.

Which explains why I have so many damned pedals.

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Oh heck yeah. It's beautiful song and is also the name of my wonderluster. Played the record many, many times. Thanks.

[–] TheBuddha [S] 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

It was too good to just throw away when we figured there'd be a few people who might enjoy it.

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Sounds great. You guys rock!

[–] TheBuddha [S] 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

"Damned right!"

LOL So, I'll switch it up and be the one to say thanks.

What's great is she's now seeing these songs as being easy. None of them really are beginner songs, but she's really learned the complex chord shapes and how to efficiently switch between them.

This is my guitar student, in whom I am well pleased. She's come a long ways in a year.

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