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the thc resin is holding it together just fine

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Trigger. Here's a little video of it getting a light overhaul.

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I could listen to him working on guitars all day, it's like the New Yankee Workshop mixed with Bob Ross.

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Thanks for sharing. I was just talking about Trigger with my son last night. We also checked out BB King's Lucille---and I learned that ALL of BB's Gibson ES-345 and ES-355 guitars were named Lucille. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Individual_guitars

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Don't do drugs, kids. Not even once.

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What I love about his guitar is the sheer history behind it; all of the places it's been and the songs it's played.

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I HATE change too.

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Why did he break it?

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He played it to that condition over the years.

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You're supposed to finger pick those kinds of guitars. Willie uses a pick and for some songs plays the shit outta that thing. Over time the pick striking the wood puts a big fucking hole in it. You coulda put a metal plate there but it can change the sound of the guitar. However, I doubt much more than a 2nd big fucking hole in it. But im not willie "god damn" nelson. Guy knows more than me. Last I checked his careers still doing just fine.

He takes it in and get the hole fixed a little bit every year to keep it from getting any bigger from what I understand.