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TFW Linux.

I'm really interested in picking up a copy of Rocksmith though. Even considered buying a console just for that purpose, but I can't justify the expense right now.

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Seems like it is possible with a little tweaking. I wouldn't recommend buying it on a console because the dlc sales that happen 3x/year only happen through steam.


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Rocksmith isn't a very advanced program, hardware wise. You'd be best finding/trading for a cheap laptop that meets the reqs, running some old PC speakers through a direct 3.5mm connection to avoid audio lag, and porting the screen to a decent size TV via HD cable. You'll come out cheaper than a new PS4, you'll get access to custom content, and you'll get DLC way cheaper via Steam.

I blew about $1500 on my setup (first present to myself post-divorce) but it's doable for ~$300.

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Rocksmith is awesome man. I play bass and this is a great way to learn an instrument and listen to my favorite music.

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Awesome. Come join us for the weekly song thread. The current week's song is Estranged by GNR.

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Definitely follow the advice about getting this on PC instead of console. Steam sales make DLC waaaay easier to acquire, there have been some audio lag issues on console, and on PC you can use CustomsForge to add in user-tabbed songs that aren't part of the official release.

Spoonful by Howlin' Wolf from the blues pack is my favorite song to butcher.