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I missed last week; so, here's 3 to choose from..

https://instaud.io/3soM [Spanish Noodle]

https://instaud.io/3soN [Funky Noodle]

https://instaud.io/3soS [Abstract Noodle]

Also, for more important things, if you want to know the (((root))) of evil..


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Listened to abstract noodle. Like it, very chill.

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Because of time constraints, I listened to Spanish Noodle...

It's more blues than Spanish, so far.

Oh, I hear a flamenco influence now. It kicks in about 45 seconds in.

Man. I wish I knew you better and could trust you. I'd PM you a special link to use doing a rehearsal of a "Spanish" version of Hotel California. Only @cynicaloldfart gets that privilege, because I know I can trust him completely. Maybe he'll describe it? We even used a trumpet!

I like it.

You've got skills. How long have you played? And don't fucking lie to me and say a week! I'm old, I will cut you!

The rest are archived and I'll hear them in due time. I usually suggest you submit one track at a time.

Is this your first week sharing? I've been busy working (performing) a lot lately, so I may have missed it.

You've got skills. I want to hear more, but I need to ensure my ears are free for everyone - so I limited myself to just the one.

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Love that horn in Funky Noodle. Smooth as silk. Good one. The other two were excellent too but I liked the second one because of the smooth horn and it just flowed really nice.

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I also heard all 3 and enjoyed all 3.. Spanish Noodle was for sure my favorite though. Can't wait to hear more from you.

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Me too! Then again, I drink and do drugs! What's your excuse?!?

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What kind of drugs?

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Also, did putt globally sticky this?

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No longer a lurker. I made an account just to join this thread after seeing it be awesome every week!

I'm trying to record something fresh and acoustic asap but for now I'll introduce myself with something properly recorded. Even got me shadowbanned on *tube years before I knew what that was:


"I forgot there was a plug on the end. Sorry not intentional." Old stuff.

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Very nicely done.

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Nice! Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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That was cool as hell, great song!

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Hey thanks :)

Glad to take part finally.

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Hell yes man. Great shit. Welcome to hell. https://i.imgtc.com/HtrxW3y.png

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Happy Friday everybody! Earlier this month a friend of mine got himself arrested for his 7th drunk driving offense. That pissed me off, the stupid fucker. So I took those emotions and made a song about it. I think it turned out great. My son said he cant understand the lyrics, so here they are, tells the story of what happened.

Ive got a friend that we all call opie, he likes to drink and he likes to smoke pot, he doesnt work he got on disability, he doesn't leave his house a whole lot

Opie is an idiot, Opie is an alcoholic

the other day opie made a big mistake, after drinking for hours he decided to go to the bar, this part of the story gets a little cloudy, but it ends up with him crashing his wifes car

Opie is an idiot, Opis is an alcoholic

Opie had his life all set, where all he had to do was drink, he could drink and smoke to his hearts content, as long as he dont get behind the wheel

Opie is an idiot, Opie is an alcoholic

there was more than thirty full beers in the fridge, after drinking and smoking and partying all night, his wife passed out but their friend was there, so what do you think opie decided to do? it wasnt right!

opie is an idiot, opie is an alcoholic

i have told him to stop driving drunk every time i saw him, now he's locked up all covered in tears, how many times can you warn someone? hes going to be locked away for years

opie is an idiot, opie is an alcoholic

drink all you want, just dont drive, smoke em if you got em, just dont drive, you're lucky you didnt hurt somebody, you're lucky to be alive

opie is an idiot, opie is an alcoholic

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Holy balls. Best mixing I've heard from you yet.

I've waited for a while to hear this! (Since I heard about Opie.)

I'd bring the vocals up (I don't like the word 'vox' for reasons).

I'm going to ping @mrharryreems. Our Crazy is all grown up! Listen to that mixing job!

"Opie is an idiot, Opie is an alcoholic."

I fucking love it. I really do. Best mix I've heard out of you yet. (The 'and all night' seems like tricky timing, by the way.)

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Holy fuck are you Iggy Pop?

Anyway that's bad ass dude. For some reason it reminds me of Satisfaction.

You got some song writing skills without a doubt.

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That bass line rawks. Glad you posted the lyrics 'cause my hearing isn't great. What a sad tale, though, at least he'll get time to dry out for a while and maybe some treatment.

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Yeah, he's actually in very high spirits in jail. I was shocked when I talked to him how happy he sounded. He said everything is just great there. What an idiot! LoL But yeah he needed to dry out

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There is little bit of Opie in all of us

Running on empty throws himself under a bus

Seven deadly sins

Seven DUI’s

Seven times that lucky fucker didn’t take a life

A man who hates himself has no problem putting his life on a shelf

Jail or prison will not fix him

Only the bottle will

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Nice! The seven times is only the times he got caught, every time he drove he was drunk driving. It got to a point where I refused to ride with him at all. Even a block down the road, I would rather walk

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Love the driving bass on this one. Classic tale of poor choices, poor consequences!

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Thanks MrHarry! I love that bass line in that one too. I didnt want to do too much on the guitars and take away from it cause I thought it sounded so great!

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no guitars in this one, sorry


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That's pretty cool, I wish I understood percussion and could do electronic drums, even a metronome is too much for me, I have to tap my foot or bounce my picking hand palm.

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Maybe get yourself an analog metronome! Once you start getting on the train, you see what you’ve been missing.

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Guitar isn't mandatory. We take all instruments.

What'd you make that with?

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mainly done in cubase pro 10.

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Is that just you, or a group?

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Just me

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I love these threads! I enjoy listening to all the different stuff people are posting.

I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to pick up my old guitar and fucking around with it for a bit. I didn't come up with anything I wanted to share. But I had fun playing around with it for a while.

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Share anything, I share crap all the time, we don't care, but thanks for coming, and thanks for bustin out the old guitar and stretching out yer fingers a bit at least.

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Its awesome that you been inspired to pick your guitar up again!

It is fun!

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You needn't share, unless you want to. We'd love it if you did, however.

I really, really like how this thread inspires people. We've been doing them for a long time, but only recently got Putt to sticky them globally. That has increased awareness and participation.

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Aloha, and good evening! I've got about a dozen tabs open right now listening to everyone's submissions. Sadly, no Uisce Beatha, as I have a guitar student heading over in a couple of hours.

Here's an excerpt from this last weekend's madness featuring our new fiddle player. This is my favorite reel, and we have a recorded version on the new album that released on the 14th. One of the tracks, Queen of Argyll, features our very own @LegalPerson on backing vox.

Anyway, here's The Tam Lin Reel.

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I love it, there's something about the fiddle to an irish tune..

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Thanks! Despite the fact that we have a couple of tunes on the new record with the flute as the lead instrument, I feel like the fiddle is integral to the noise I need to make!

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So what is the difference between a fiddle and a violin?

This will definitely get your feet a'movin'. Very nice.

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The person playing it.

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They're essentially the same instrument. Some fiddlers prefer a slightly different setup to make playing chords easier. Most violinists don't play chords.

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Nice. Thats some excellent fiddling!

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I'll tell him you said that!

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You know what? Don't send me a free URL. I'm gonna buy that album after I get to a store that has a debit card I can renew. I hate using a real bank account online.

Do NOT let me forget. Please?

Also, don't argue. I will cut you. I'm old.

Finally, I can play that fiddle player more than you do. Don't make me do it! ;-)

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Did you mean pay, rather than play?

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Here's another cassette tape recording of my band from 1971. Drink Your Wine. I can't remove the distortion, sorry.

Edit: @cynicaloldfart was kind enough to let me know the original was done by Bush. Thanks again COF.

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What did you do to get it off the cassette tape and digitized?

Oh, who is that drummer? He has my attention. Which instrument is you?

Tight vocals.

The drummer is classically trained. Those are rudiments. He/she played in a marching or stage band, didn't they? They played snare and expanded to a full kit, probably a jazz kit first?

Those are guesses based on what I hear. I like 'em.

I like the whole band. Smooth, tight, rehearsed, and a consistent tone throughout. You know damned well that I'd not lie to you - I've seen you before and don't even lie to newbies. (Ask how many goats have heard me yell at 'em to tune their fucking guitar!)

I like it... I really do...

I swear it's a cover, 'cause I swear I've heard that before - but I'm old, intoxicated, and my memory is failing!

Yeah, I like it. It's got that late 60s/early 70s end vibe. "We ain't done playing yet! Hold on!"

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To convert the cassette into an MP3 I used the composite inputs of a vidoe capture card. Audigy let me save each side of a tape as a "project". I then converted each to an MP3. To get individual tracks I used Ocenaudio.

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I'm the bass player and in this song the second vocalist. The drummer was self taught, like we all were.Thanks for your kind words. You have a great ear as the song is a cover, but I don't know the band that originally recorded Drink Your Wine. Web searches led me nowhere.

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Hell yeah! That sounds cool as hell. I like this one better than last weeks. Thanks for sharing!

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Damn. This was very good! I can't believe how well this completely captured the era! This recording is like a frigging time capsule!

BTW- I was 2 years old when you recorded this!

[–] Timmy2 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Thanks, young 'un!

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