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You can stop by in the Friday night guitar thread. More folks will see it.

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Just wanted to add a thank you for all who listened to this, it means a lot to me. I've only shared this with family and friends until now. I've played guitar since I was 15, self-taught.

I wrote and recorded this over the span of a week one winter around ten years ago. I filmed a video for it at the time, visiting a remote river canyon during a break in the rain. I foolishly deleted the channel I uploaded it to during a bout of depression a few years later. I made another video for it, still on my hard drive, set to landscape photos I've taken of my area. This song is me trying to relate my life to nature and the place I live. It could mean anything to someone else, but it's definitely one of my favorite guitar recordings still in my possession.

The audio was recovered from a CD I burned for my car, found it on the backseat and amazingly it still played.

One thing I would say to the artists here, don't let criticism and self-doubt cause to you destroy your work. You will thank yourself later.