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Happy Friday everybody! Im going to share some of the songs that were played last friday night at my good friend Verle's house. Here's one where Verle was just spewing out words, so i told him to sing them. This is what we got, we're alive

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"I can't sing that. That makes no sense."

How drunk was Verle?

I won't even bitch about the out-of-tune guitar, it's remarkably appropriate!

Strangely, it reminds me a bit of some of Jim Morrison's live stuff. Well, Jim was a bit easier for me to understand.

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What are you saying? That you couldnt understand what Verle was saying?

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Good evening and welcome to another FNGT! Like normal, I'll go ahead and get you started.

My vacation is soon over. I will NOT be here next Friday night. We've got a show to put on. I'm sort of looking forward to it and I'm going to try to do the entire show while standing. If I can't, there will be a stool waiting for me. Let's just hope I can sit on the stool!

This week, even though I'm on vacation, EH and J conned me into recording. I'm pretty sure they used their female wiles and it's probably witchcraft! But, they wanted to do some Metallica and were having issues getting the sound right and then decided that they'd ask me to play the lead. (I'm pretty sure neither of them learned the lead and they fully planned on conning me into it.)

The Unforgiven (Metallica) by The Eldest Hoodlum and TheBuddha Band (with special guest)!


Now, to explain... The acoustic you hear is J. I'm doing the lead, however EH is echoing me exactly in a number of places. Where you hear the "crunky" bits, that's probably her. I was playing the #2 guitar, which is cleaner. EH was the one with the fuzz and distortion stacked. I'm not exactly sure why, but that's pretty much her favorite thing to do with a guitar. I caught her trying to play some Eddie Van Halen, earlier this week. I didn't say anything but I realized that I'm truly a horrible influence.

Anyhow, by now you should have the track open and be listening to it. So, I'll end this by saying that that's my guitar student in whom I am well pleased. It's also J, whom I'm hoping to get greater utility from on the stage. If she's gonna be here, she might as well learn some more about the guitar.

Rock on, goats. Rock on.

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I just listened to that and that sounds just lovely. Totally nailed the Metallica sound. And you all played that wonderfully. A round of applause for all!

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"Thank you, crazy! It was hard, but we got it."


And, thanks. We managed to get it ready in time. For the very briefest of moments, I considered laying down the vocal track.

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That was rather unique and not bad. That is all you, or?

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I didn't write it but I made the track with a fender and a 100$ Casio keyboard midi through an old mac ruining garage band. Just for fun.

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And, the mystery track as discussed with @crazy_eyes.

I'm actually not sure where this came from? I had EH clean it up and it's Wherever I May Roam, by Metallica. I had her put "TB Only" on it and it just dies out at the end. I've not a damned clue.


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Nice, You put the effects pedals to work on that one!

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Yeah, it sounds like I was having a good time. It sounds like my playing when I'm intoxicated. There's a few small errors where the picking wasn't clean and that's something I do when I start getting sloppy-drunk. Except, I wasn't really drinking in 2016. It has to have been done before early 2017.

I've got no clue! None.

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Well, I'm eating my sleep meds. It's slow and I need my beauty sleep.

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Did you eat them?

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I did! They're in my belly!

That gives me maybe two hours, maybe a bit more.

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I want to record something and share it with all of you. I'm looking to write something with a guitar and bass guitar line

Edit: Here's my upload: https://instaud.io/3dOy I used my Jackson Dinky DKA-M and I recorded this off of my Fender Mustang Floor effects board

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We'd love to hear what you've got.

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I'll record something off my guitar real quick no bass. Give me a moment

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lets hear it!

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Here's another one from Verles house last Friday night Free Fall

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I'm not sure how y'all went from Petty to Leadbelly.

That's sounding like Chris was there. That sounds like his voice.

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Yes Chris was there too, I dont know how that happened either, a lot of songs we did turned into something else

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Here is another song from last Friday at Verles house, this one has Chris taking the lead vocal and a little back up by Verle with Chris and I playing guitar Here is A Medley

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LOL I'm on my tablet, but will listen tomorrow.

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Its all good

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