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Good evening, and welcome to another Friday Night Guitar Thread. Like normal, I'll go ahead and get you started.

I'm now in the later stages of my vacation. Those that paid attention know I'm taking all of January off. As far as vacations go, this hasn't been bad. My son stayed later and still hasn't flown back.

Which is why you're able to get this!

For a while, my house was pretty messy. Well, it was cluttered. We moved the furniture mostly out of the way and brought a bunch of kit into the living room, where we sat around and got pretty intoxicated for a couple of days. And, we jammed... We did a whole lot of jamming. None of it was all that impressive, but we did have fun.

Then, we found out the missus was coming home a day early, to avoid a snow storm. It seemed prudent to have the stuff out of the living room, so we put it all back into the music room and set everything back up. Seeing as we'd done all that work, we figured we probably ought to make sure everything was in working order - and we weren't gonna do that sober!

So, we did. We also recorded a quick jam.


And, there you have it... It's a lovely experience to be surrounded by people who play. It's great to be able to bridge generations and have a reason to spend time with family.

Notably, there's no EH or J in any of that. That'll stop 'em from taking the credit! They've both been insanely busy and it looks like I'm going to be very busy, starting in May.

Dunno how late I'll be here tonight, but here we go.

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Oh good, I was hoping you would record some of that. Very, very nice groove. Your excellence added to the keys and bass work made it. Sounds a little early Jeff Beck like.

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LOL I confess, I knew that you were hoping so. You'd said as much!

I'd hoped it might capture a moment and a feeling. Some of our sessions were pretty tight. We had everything picked up before the missus got home.

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I liked how the lead changed. In the first part, I got a very Spanish feel, and towards the end, like a Jerry Cantrell vibe. Very cool. Good jam.

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Thanks! Glad ya enjoyed it.

Gonna jam with us?!?

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I just cranked this for everyone, awesome jamming

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Thanks! Glad ya enjoyed it. A good time was had by everyone. That was also fairy early in the afternoon, so we weren't too far gone by then.

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That was solid. Do you use DI or mic?

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Lots and lots of mics.

I know my shame.

Editing done with Audacity.

I know my shame.

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This is the first of a three part song I'm working on inspired by the water cycle. I know it's a month old but I wanted to wait until I had time to participate in the thread.

The gear list is in the description. I used the Mode-D to make the horn sounding lead. The Gaia is doing the xylophone sound and the computer generated the strings and lo-fi pad thing. I plan on replacing the xylophone sound at the end with a piano in the final track. Iv'e used that sound before in another song in a very similar manner so it's got to go. It took about 4-5 hours from turning everything on to bouncing the mix. Been trying to treat the computer more like a tape machine and not write in the DAW so everything was performed to click.

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Good job. Very cool. I liked the underlying strings. I heard them better towards the end. I thought they were a good balance.

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The strings and the lo-fi pad are being put through the same delay chain in parallel with the tracks. The source signal is low so you can't tell their fake strings. And I like delay.

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By coincidence, I'm looking out the window watching the lightning and rain right now. This fits perfectly. Great work! Of course it's your creation, but the xylophone "raindrops" really sound right. Thanks for this.

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Not a problem. It may stay in the mix and fade towards the end of the first movement to make room for the next part. That's when I plan on bringing in the drums and bass.

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This goes exceptionally well with my morning coffee. I just sat and zoned out for a moment while I listened to it. Very impressed :)

Yo @gabara my dude, you're synth guy as well right? I think you'll appreciate this one.

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I just got a Minilogue

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Glad it helped start your day. Soundscapes and coffee, that's basically my writing process.

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It sounds like a Pink Floyd intro.

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Is that good or bad? I really like them and appreciate the production aspect of their work. Maybe too much...

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Here's some Mustard for you, finally managed to learn to sing and play at the same time, Songs called Capo 4th fret. https://instaud.io/3bWI

I can't sing for shit, but hey I can sing. I'm sure with practice and confidence I can refine my singing somewhat.

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Here's another one messing around with some distortion, butchered a great song but I think I sing much better then I do in the acoustic one https://instaud.io/3bWR

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Yeah, that does suit your voice well. Like you called it, Nice Shit dude.

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Hey Mustard Man, I finally got the chance to listen in, I was kind of busy there at Verles, that sounded cool. I liked the second one better than the first one, but they were both cool. I really like that you're singing along, it just adds so much more to the sound, and it covers up for some of your mistakes on guitar, well at least for me, if the listener is listening to the words they might not notice. Thats what I tell myself anyways, Great job!

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There you are. How's things going? This is a nice tune, and with vocals yet. Good job. Nice to hear your acoustic again. Is Paul still working?

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Oh ya pauls still working great, I just learned to sing like 3 days ago, I'm really proud of myself, now I'm going to work on learning to sing well. One step at a time though. And ya I havn't made it in a while, I've been outside alot but it's been below -30 all week though so I'm not ice fishing until it breaks down to the early -20's

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I like singing, sometimes. I don't really like singing and playing, but it's kinda a requirement if I want my band to eat.

Your voice is potentially full of character.

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I'm still really tensed and concentrated while singing and playing but at least my hands aren't choking up and I can physically do it, I think if I work on my voice and especially the confidence thing I can find something that works.

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I’ve got another show tonight, it’s been a busy start to the new year! I haven’t had any time to work on recording the last few weeks but I felt like submitting something, as it’s been too long. This is one of my metal songs, but with an old single coil partscaster Ive had forever. Teles can do it all!

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You're like me with Frankensteining up a guitar, mines a Jackson Neck and bridge pickup on a Fat Strat body.

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Yeah dude! There’s something about building your own Frankenstein based around a Fender that’s almost a right of passage or something haha

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Wow. You rawk. Mighty fine pickin' there.

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Thanks cof!

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That sounded cool, i like it.

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Tech-Death. I love it. I listened to the band version as well. Good guitar work.

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Hell yeah! Thanks for checking it out

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Here's another jam at Verle's house


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"I can know the words one minute, and it'll be gone the next.'

Take It Easy!

And there went that idea.

One of the voices sounds like he's pretty young.

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We're inebriated

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I'm sitting here at Verle's and we just played this jam. There's a house full of drinks


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Good golly, molly. Now it's a party. Tell Verle Thanks, he's in fine form tonight. And your geetar playing is sounding great. Hope you do some more tonight.

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Oh, man... That sounds fucking like an awesome time.

Ah, Verle... We love you, Verle.

You guys all need like a TV show.

Somehow, you just moved on to Hurt. Dunno why, but you did. I like it.

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do you take requests? I would like to hear everyone play their worst rendition possible of their favorite song.

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Hold on...

I can do that. Sort of... Gimme a second...

Alright, this is me shitfaced and invited onto the stage with a band I've played with many times. I am the horrible guitar you will hear.


There you go. Now you share something. ;-)

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Originally done by Slim Harpo in '57. It was the only cover Pink Floyd ever recorded, when they were called The Tea Set in '64. Syd Barrett, Bob Klose, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason.

Edit: Here ya go:


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that was your worst?

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waaaaay better than I expected. that was fun to listen to. well done. sadly I am not a guitarist and havent touched a musical instrument in many years.

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Dude, I wanted to be here, I really did, but I eneded up in the hospital. Its fucking bullshit. Long story but the won't let me smoke. Its fucking bullshit.

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Shitty. Hospitals aren't a whole lot of fun.

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