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It looks like a tube preamp. Could be just a marketing move.

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It kinda is if I have understood it properly. Somewhat similar to EMG's in concept but with a valve based preamp rather than transistors. A bit gimmicky i think, but it sounded good enough from the soundbites. To my ear at least. The middle position placement probably has a greater effect on the tone more than anything else.

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I think it sounds damn awesome, might be gimmicky and only for certain crowds but whatever I think it's cool.

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I was ready to gut this one as marketing wank like Takamine's "Cool Tube" preamp, but had to change my mind after reading the article they linked. From what I gathered, it sounds like they have an external power supply that will provide the proper voltages to the filaments so the tube can operate in it's designed specs. Interesting idea, but I like to keep my preamps separate from my guitar and my body away from high voltage. To each their own, I suppose.

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Thing is an active pickup is purposely designed to be low output and then have the preamp get things back to a more reasonable output. The benefits is that it is less susceptible to hum and feedback(in theory at least) than a passive design. But in order for it to work the preamp has to be as near the pickup as possible. A 20 feet cord is going to introduce another source of noise otherwise. So while still technically a preamp it's not to be mistaken for a gain stage.

But yeah, tubes needs power batteries just can't deliver. Don't know if I'd want it either but the fact that someone went for it intrigued me a bit.

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I was never a fan of active electronics but that's just my personal preference. I definitely can see a purpose for it (especially after being on the tech side of things for awhile) but I tend to gravitate more towards the vintage style of building. I do enjoy folks experimenting and this has gotten my wheels turning for a preamp build.

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