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Grüezi and hello fellow goats. This is from a jam session a few years back. Recorded with a Zoom H2 just placed in the room. I'm playing the guitar. Friend wrote (and plays/sings) lyrics and bass line. Drummer and me are more or less improvising. First time playing together. Not perfect but lots of fun!

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Thanks for playing that. That one got my girlfriend to dancing, and damn, she's so fucking sexy, fucking gorgeous, imagine melania trump but younger and prettier, i got no business being with a woman like her, yet here she is!!! Im going to play that again and dance with her next time! It sounds like you were having fun playing that, Sounded cool.

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Thanks man. Glad you guys have some fun.

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Ha! You made it!

I haven't any idea what the words mean, but there's a few points where the vocals remind me of Warren Zevon (a good thing, I think).

I think it might have been @cynicaloldfart that said he didn't like Zevon? I'm not sure. i tamper with my memory with remarkable frequency!

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Yep, 'twas me. I just get the vibe he plays snob rock. Maybe I'm just not refined enough to get it. Whatever, I did like @Zinnsee 's track. Especially for a first time playing together. Perfection may be appreciated, but fun is enjoyed. Good work.

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Yeah, I made it. Told you :)

Never heard of Warren Zevon before, but listening to it right now and it sounds somehow familiar.

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Sweet rawk out! Nice share! What are the lyrics about, being curious here :)

Cool to see you here... welcome welcome!

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Hey thanks Nadeshda :)

Raw translation of the Swiss-German lyrics:

On the campsite was the first time I saw you. In Summer 1998 at the lake. Sandy beach at the camp fire what more could you want? Well to kiss you of course my beautiful fairy.

You know for sure that I'm talking about you, you're the girl whose name rhymes with mine.

You were the right girl for me, but someone else was more important to you. We wrote so many letters. I believed in us for a long time. But maybe we are to different. So there was only one thing happening, only one thing going on between us.

You know for sure that I'm talking about you, you're the girl whose name rhymes with mine.

Usually 2-3 years pass between our encounters. Then your standing on my doorstep again, looking at me, smiling at me, turning me on. Then I know, I can have you again, I'm a man again. Exclusively for you alone, in my home. Please don't say no.

You know for sure that I'm talking about you, you're the girl whose name rhymes with mine.

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Hello and, once again, welcome to another FNGT! Like normal, I'll go ahead and get you started!

The https://fngt.gq site is now officially invite only. If you'd like an invite, feel free to ask and someone in here will take care of you. If you aren't already signed up, I'd recommend you do so. That's our refuge when Voat is down and our center for off-site stuff and our archives.

I'm on vacation. I'm gonna be on vacation until next month.

Fortunately, EH and J stepped up and have been working on a Nirvana song.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Two Young Ladies Band (I just made that up, as I type these things early - I'm sure they'll hate it) and they're doing In Bloom by none other than Nirvana!


I had absolutely nothing to do with that, except uploading it. EH is the guitar and J is the bass guitar. I was invited to put down the drum track, I politely declined. I ain't doing it. I'm on vacation.

Not sure how late I'll be here tonight. I've got rest that I'm supposed to be getting, as I've been hammering on the PT lately. So, we'll see... I can't say how late I'll be?

Rock on, goats. Rock on!

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Hello. Sorry I'm late, my mind is running an hour late tonight. As usual, par excellence. Although I don't know this song, I thoroughly enjoyed that. J, that was some sweet bass work, you're getting really good. And EH, I really liked that bitchin', grungy solo part. Sounds like it might be rather hard to play. Great job you two.

Are you going to keep Buddha's name for your group, or are you gonna use something else? It only matters because I would like to keep the archives consistent with future releases.

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"I don't know?" EH

"We aren't a band or anything." J

So, I dunno? They also added their thanks. EH adds that it wasn't too difficult and J adds that she's getting used to the bass. Much of it carries over. She's been using one of my P basses... That doesn't look pluralized properly... But that one was recorded with an Ibanez something-or-other. It has a slightly shorter scale length.

And, it's a Nirvana song with better lyrics than music - is my opinion.

I'll suggest the two ladies remember the name of their 'band' and be consistent about it. They made faces at me, but it might work.

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The debut of the Two Young Ladies Band! I love it! I'm happy I'm here for this. They sound great. You should have drummed along with them man, that song has a great drum line that plays along with the music so damn good. Yet even without the drums that sounds awesome. I loved it

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"Thanks, Crazy."

"Thank you! Glad you liked it."

I'm on vacation.

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Sweet moves, EH & J! I totally rocked the drum part on my knees with a stomp bass drum. I should have recorded it.

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They both say thanks and EH says you should play it and record it!

J is actually fairly new to the bass.

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Right up my alley for genres. You all did great with your playing and recording the song. Nirvana proves that it's more about the arrangements than the flashy guitar solos. Keep up the great work.

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I will relay the message for you. Neither of them are here at the moment.

I'm sure they will both say thank you and I am pretty sure that will legitimately make them smile. I had not a damned thing to do with it. I did not even teach either how to play this song. They can read tab. I'm on vacation!

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Alright... So, I get to introduce a "Dark Matter" Ovation. EH says she's not able to do it justice, but I disagree. She's just lazy tonight!

It's actually a very playable Ovation. This model was a bit more than I'd normally spend on an Ovation, but it was a gift. This is my first time playing it, actually. It's acoustic/electric, but I didn't bother as the mic was already set up.

This is VERY quick and dirty. Also, I couldn't quite remember how to end it, 'cause I smoke pot.

'Snot a very difficult song to play, it's just Extreme, More Than Words. Either way, this is the guitar she got as a present for the holiday, and I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing a lot more of it as time passes. Enjoy!


Also, if you like the guitar's sound, I'd grab one quick. They're not making many and the price is going to be stable and then probably increase in about a decade.

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I looked that up. Sweet looking with those strange soundholes. Where are the pickups located? And what's up with the "expressor"?

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It is pretty sexy. The kid's got good taste. It's a bit expensive for an Ovation, but it'll last her a lifetime. She likes it.

The mic is inside. It uses piezo mics. The expressor lets you decide when the preamp kick in, or out, basically. So, if you get a bit too passionate then that'll help constrain it and it won't increase the volume output levels through the amps. That can be enabled or disabled, as well as adjusted.

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That sounded real nice. Thats a wicked looking guitar, like it lived through a fire or something. I was in a music store yesterday and i got to play a gibson explorer and the neck felt wierd to me at first, but once i started playing it, man it played like butter. I got to get me a guitar with a neck like that, all the ones i have are thinner. I didnt buy it, im not about to spend a thousand dollars on a guitar right now. but i sure liked it

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LOL She really, really likes it. She says to say, "It makes crunky music if you play it right!"

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I love this song, always have... so awesome.

Nicely done and one I would love to learn... when I am more settled I would like to grab this tablature from you please. :)

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Can do! Glad ya like it!

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Happy Friday everybody. I only have one song to share with you all this week, so far. My friend Christopher is coming over in an hour or so and we'll play something for you all while he's here. In the meantime, I got this one I have shared here with you before, but I re-recorded it, i think it sounds better that the other recording I had of it. That one was done on a tascam 4 track cassette recorder back in the 90's. It was a hard one to get recorded cause the tempo changes from 110bpm to 150bpm in the middle and then back to 110 bpm, and I dont know how to get a metronome to change tempo and back when i need it to. So I tried to program one on the computer and i tried a lot of different DAW's and none of them let you have different tempos in the same song. I cant really play it steady enough on the drums without the metronome so I finally gave up and just programmed the drum track in fruity loops and played it into the recorder i have and manually changed the tempo at the spot where it changes. Thats a lot of typing. LoL Lets rock, heres the Hitman

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I kinda like that one. I don't actually recall hearing the first version - but I do smoke a lot of pot.

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Thanks, it sounded a lot rougher, so it may not be even recognizable from the other one.

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OK, since I don't have any tracks, maybe this will be of interest. Saw this earlier and found it interesting. It's how a Mellotron works. I had always thought it used loops of tapes, but it uses strips so you can only have a 4 sec sustained note at any one time. Iconic '70's sound. It's not a very long video.


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It's possibly the wine, but the knobs on the stand behind her looked like a bizarre cat looking out from the darkness.

And, that was remarkably informative. I did not know that. Also, she solders and has no wedding band! Imma email her! (Not really.)

It also makes me think about how much music has advanced. The tools are so much better today. Today, we can sample those sounds and output them from a midi device or whatnot. Shit, someone sells a keyboard with them already set as presets, probably.

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The tech involved means those tapes would gradually degrade on playing over a period of time, affecting the sound. Some may think that would add to its "warmth".

I also saw this, the grandfather of the harp guitar I guess. The Theorbo. You're probably aware of it, but if not, here it is. I thought she did a good job of explaining the history around it plus explains the instrument well.


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So as requested Chris and I learned to play Fire and Rain

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So dude - I know I'm late - this is beeeautiful. Thx for keeping Fri. nites going even if some of can't get it until Sat. nite! :-)

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Thanks for listening, Im glad that you enjoyed it. We're here all week.

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Taylor said the song was about several incidents during his early recording career. The second line "Suzanne the plans they made put an end to you" refers to Suzanne Schnerr, a childhood friend of his who committed suicide while he was in London, England, recording his first album. In that same account, Taylor said he had been in a deep depression after the failure of his new band The Flying Machine to coalesce (the lyric "Sweet dreams and Flying Machines in pieces on the ground"; the reference is to the name of the band rather than a fatal plane crash, as was long rumored).

In 2005 Taylor explained that the song was written in three parts:

The first part was about Taylor's friend Suzanne, who died while Taylor was in London working on his first album after being signed to Apple Records. Friends at home, concerned that it might distract Taylor from his big break, kept the tragic news from him and he found out six months later.

The second part details Taylor's struggle to overcome drug addiction and depression.

The third part deals with coming to grips with fame and fortune, looking back at the road that got him there. It includes a reference to James Taylor and The Flying Machine, a band he briefly worked with before his big break with Paul McCartney, Peter Asher, and Apple Records.

Carole King played piano on the song.

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You know, I was thinking about what you said about the three parts of this song and I got to thinking, when I played along with Chris on this, I played my part three different ways. I think thats interesting. I didnt know about the three times he wrote about, I just was thinking of trying to make it sound a little more interesting. And it fits perfect with your story. I love it

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Thats cool. But I have no idea what Chris was saying, or James Taylor, I was busy trying to remember the chords, we had just learned that song right before we played it. LoL

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Nice! I love James Taylor. I went to sleep before you posted this.

"My body's aching and my time is at hand."

That line has stuck with me for a long time.

"Sweet dreams and fine machines in pieces on the ground."

That's another one.

This has been one of my favorite songs for a long, long time.

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Sweet dreams and fine machines in pieces on the ground.

It's 'sweet dreams and Flying Machines in pieces on the ground'. It's a reference to his first band. Fire and Rain was on his first successful Apple album and he was lamenting his struggle getting started and his fear he wouldn't make it. Same name but not the group from the UK "The Flying Machine" who had emerged in 1969 with the hit song "Smile a Little Smile for Me".

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Alright, you lazy goats... I've got my first glass of wine into me and EH wants me to play her new guitar for you.

Give me like 10 minutes, as they've got everything set to go.

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well somebody needs to play something!!!

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I played it and she's busy mucking about with it.

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I like it! I think this song would be good to do a demo of, so you have a nice recording to keep.