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Hello, and welcome to another FNGT! Like usual, I'll go ahead and get you started.

I will not be here long tonight.

I'm on vacation.

EH and J are also on vacation. Even the missus is on vacation.

So, here's something from the archives...

This is one of my favorites. It was largely just learned a degree of spontaneity, to give something to the thread. It's not dreadfully difficult, but it shows good attention to detail with EH's part and it's such a great song to play the lead for. It's truly one of my favorite tracks that we've ever shared. What I truly appreciated was seeing EH's face as I wove the lead around her simple rhythmic guitaring and that song truly is a great example of that. To see the moment of her understanding a concept is truly a wonderful thing. That's why this next one is one of my favorites.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Eldest Hoodlum and TheBuddha Band re-present for your enjoyment, Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkle.


That is my guitar student, in whom I am well pleased.

By the way, I'm already pretty tipsy. You have been warned.

And, if you don't like it, fuck you! I'm a rock star - and on vacation!

And, I've amended my previous goal. I used to say, "I will run again." I've changed that. It is now, "I will dance again." As you know, I'm not any good at dancing. Don't care. Still gonna wiggle as the mood strikes, music or no music.

I can already wiggle my hips a little! I can even chair dance! So, someone play us some music!

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good shit and 4 downloads already!!!!!!

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Yup. Thanks!

It's actually from a while back, so it's good to see it get some needed attention.

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I dont remember hearing that one before, that sounded great. I dont know how I would have missed it, maybe we were eating seeds that night or something!

Is your leg healed up from your fall now?

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It was on 9/21/18. You were there, well at least physically, posting a bunch as usual.


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I think we recorded it during a guitar thread, actually. I'm not 100% positive and I do a lot of drugs. That was a month before the wreck, so I've been pretty high since then!

I do recall her great joy at seeing, hearing, and understanding the music being woven together. To see that was magical.

I have no idea why you'd miss it?

LOL Y'all should DEFINITELY come for the 4th. (I'm still listening to your track.)

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Since my friend Chris is here we played a song for you. I'll be here in the morning by Townes Van Zandt

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Neat. I can't say that I'd heard that one before. He's one of the brothers from Skynyrd, right?

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I dont think he has anything to do with those other Van Zandt people

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Happy New Year all you goats. I went to my buddy Verle's place the other night for new years eve, and tried to talk Verle into singing a song that C-Corax had requested that Verle sing. Verle didn't want anything to do with that. He didnt want to sing. He was saying things like, how much are they going to pay me, and I'm not a fucking jukebox that plays the songs someone wants to hear.

But I kept bugging him about singing and finally he said just record me singing along to the music thats playing, so thats what you all get, verle singing along to his stereo with me and a couple friends in the background. Happy New Year

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OK, that was worth the wait. Verle sounds rested and in fine form. "Go thru customs...". LOL. As always, we all wish we were there. Thanks for that. Saw this the other day, fits even better now:


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Nobody got burned!

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One of the voices almost sounds like Chris.

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Christopher was not there

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lol I have a mental image of waving his arm as in to articulate how much he's not doing it:P

That was beautiful though. Not in the slightest bit disappointed. There are those that practice their technique and style so much that it becomes sterile and derived of all personality and then there's Verle. Dude's got heart. No doubt about it.

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He did tell me to come over in the afternoon some time before he's all fucked up and he will sing the right song along with me playing it on the guitar, so i'm going to have to take a trip over there in the afternoon one of these days

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@TheBuddha is asleep! Post GnR solos!

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I was, too!

I kinda had to get up early to do stuff and I am on vacation.

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Hey Goats!

Been a month r so. Life happens fast.

If you don't recall, I decided to pick up guitar at age almost 50 back in June. I travel M-Fri every week, and only get to play on weekends.

However, i love it, and I post my bad playing to both encourage others to play and to mark my (failure to) progress.

I love all of you for being helpful and critical in a constructive (and direct!) way. Y'all my heroes!!!

Here are Sample 1 and Sample 2 of me trying to get the feeling of my all-time favorite band...

It's shit. Whenever I try to record for publication, I get all stiff (NO, NOT THAT KIND OF STIFF @crazy_eyes) and sound all off compared to the practice I record for the 30 minutes prior.

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Whenever I try to record for publication, I get all stiff

Lemme guess. It's because when you press 'record' you are instantly caught off guard by not having your hand on the guitar? I'd suggest you just turn on the recorder and noddle around til your comfortable and then you start playing what you intended to share. The noodling part you don't want to share you simply cut out with a simple editor afterwards.

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That's a really good idea. Good guess!

I'll try that, plus I'm just using my phone, and I don't know how well the thing actually records actual sound.

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~cough~ Tuner!

And your chord changing speed has gotten smoother. Progress is being made! (It sounds like your G and B strings are out of tune in both recordings.)

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Interesting. I tune it every day before I start after you mentioned it last time.

If I don't have the chord down right, could it create the same issue? Occasionally, I notice that I am not pressing hard enough, and get an odd sound.

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Sounds like you're playing little suzy to me

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I yet again meant to record the same thing as last week, but I didn't. My bad. I swear I will get it done one of these weeks!

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do it now

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There's still time!

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I dont really have any new music to share with you all tonight, these last few weeks have been a whirlwind of insanity, so I'm going to do something totally different, off the wall, out of left field. Here's all the songs that I wrote and so this is basically my album in the order i want the songs. Its a little over an hour long, so I dont expect anybody to listen to just me for an hour straight. But there it is. I hope to get all of these songs re-recorded with less fuckups by me throughout this year. Thats my goal for 2019 really. I think I can do it, I just got to practice and do it. Maybe kidnap a singer. LoL. So here it is, a whole CD worth of music by me,

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I'll wait till I can spend the time to really listen. Thanks for doing it. Is it new stuff, or a collection of previous works?

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its all the stuff i recorded the last year and a half with just me

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I'll listen in a little while. I am going to shuffle up the stairs and to bed.

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Christopher is on his way here, so Im not sure how much the computer is going to be in my hands, at least for a while. We'll be around though, so i'll check in once in a while

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I like these. You're pretty good at making up musical tracks and putting them together.

What the fuck is with the auto tune on Flash Me. Man alive you're moving in on Brittney Spears territory.

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Flash me, my voice sounded extra terrible to me when i was doing that one so I autotuned the hell out of it LoL