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Hello and greetings! You know damned well what day and time it is. I ain't gotta explain it again! Like normal, I'll even go ahead and get you started.


You have 7 days to register at https://fngt.gq - after that point in time, you will require an invitation to register. This is what the community voted on and this is the results of that vote taking place.

Each month, each individual will get 3 invitation codes to give away. Admins can give you more codes if there's ever a reason to do so. The decision is final and the system is already in place. Assuming nothing goes wrong, the change will take effect in 7 days. The decision is not mine. I abstained from voting in the thread, as no tie-breaker was required.

Moving on...

So, I had nothing prepared for this week. I figured EH had nothing prepared and that's closer to the truth than I expected! Allow me to share a conversation with you.

Me: Did you do any prep for this week's guitar thread?
EH: Yup! J and I learned to play La Bamba!
Me: Really? That's impressive. That song is a bitch to play and there's like six guitar parts! I'm so impressed!
EH: Oh, no. We saved the hard parts for you!

I'm not even kidding. They did exactly that! The lazy bastards learned parts #1 and #2. They saved parts 3, 4, 5, and 6 for me. Their excuse? "We're not that good and we're on vacation!"

They did hardly anything at all! Yet, they still want their name on it! EH did do the mixing and editing, while J hung out and gave her encouragement.

While I played the difficult parts, they gave me moral support. That's it... No help, really. Just moral support and some giggles.

So, listen to TheBuddha do all the work!

Oh, wait... Sorry... I've now been told to edit this and Her Highness wants me to say:

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing The Eldest Hoodlum and TheBuddha Band, with special guest, for your pleasure as they play La Bamba for your enjoyment! Put your hands together and give them a warm welcome and appreciation for their hard work and attention to detail!



You see the shit I have to put up with?!?

Moving on...

As of the 24th of December, I can officially say that I've been playing guitar for five decades. I got my first guitar for Christmas of 1968. It's been a lot of years, but the guitar has been good to me and I'm glad to have spent that much time learning. I might even go so far as to say I've gotten good! It's been 50 years. I can now say that. I might even stroke my ego and say I've mastered the instrument. ;-)

Finally, and this is a long one, I may not be here very late tonight. I'll try to, but there's a combination of things that are likely to inhibit that. I have guests and I have re-injured my leg but that injury is not significant. Don't be alarmed. It simply is bone bruising and I should be back doing my regularly scheduled healing in a week. I do have a consult with the surgical team on Monday, but we're not expecting them to go back in for anything at this time. Sunday is my birthday, so it's quite possible that I get intoxicated and cause significant damage on that day!

Alright, this is long enough. Rock on, goats! Rock on!

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Had to go check. Yep, with castanets around a sombrero.

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LOL I didn't pick the song. They really did pick the two easy parts.

Oh, wait... EH just told me what that referenced. This I gotta see.

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At first, while i was reading that, I thought, just make them learn two of the hard parts, and you do two. Since they already know two easy parts. Then I started listening. Hmm this doesnt sound too hard to play. Then a little later, oh. I get it. theres the hard part. Sounds great, all of you! Yay Buddha! You nailed it!

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Thanks! And, yeah, there's some difficult bits in there. Earlier in the song, you can hear EH slap the strings hard enough to hit the frets and pull off quickly. She did that well!

Seriously, they're slackers this week!

And, in damned near unison they repeat they're on vacation.

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(cue Sting)

I know what you're up to just the same
I will listen hard to your tuition
You will see it come to its fruition
I'll be wrapped around your finger

And you love it. Can't blame you.

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I do indeed cherish every moment of it. And I played all my parts while reading the tab cold, just to show off.

They are both keeping me company, so that is nice.

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My sister's and I have been working hard on becoming better musicians/producers. I think they have true song writing talent. Please don't judge too hard. It's our first track


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are you for real?


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LOL No, they're not. That song is from like 1968.

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I chuckled. I remember them.

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And with a bitchin' drum solo!

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I will share one more with you all tonight, this one is from a year ago as well, and it includes Verle. This is a song Verle had written some years back and he taught me how to play it so I threw some music together and had him sing it a couple times one night when he was over here having a few beers with me. Here's Livin' a Lie

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Yeah, I've heard that before. I wasn't sure, at first!

Also, does Verle ever have just a 'few' beers? When people say a few, I think 3 to 4. I'm not picturing Verle drinking just 3 or 4 beers.

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Only if thats all thats in the fridge and he either doesnt have the money for more or doesnt have a ride to the liquor store

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I do realize how obnoxious requests can be, but I desperately want to hear Verle crooning 'Stand by me'. As raw, simplistic and in full on theater mode as only Verle can do it. I'd love to hear that :)

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I think I am going to go by Verle's place tonight for a while. I am going to learn the notes for that song before I go there and talk him into it

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I will see what i can do

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Guitars ar dum.

Real men play banjos

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So, play one for us. We'll wait.

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Im not a real man

Also ive only had it a week.

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Hello everybody! This week has been way too busy and I have not got to play anything at all, I wanted to re-record this song, get the drums right and make it sound better, but I never even got through the drums, and thats where I like to start. So i decided to just share the old version of it that i did a year ago. I still dont have any lyrics for this one, but it still sounds cool to me without words. So without further adieu, here is fuck it

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I remember this. One of my favorites of yours. I think I said last time the same as Buddha, that it sounded very Gilmourish. Not just the guitar sound, but the construction of the whole piece starting off slow and mellow and transitioning into a rocker. And then the ending, back to a reprieve. Very, very nice.

[–] crazy_eyes 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Thanks cof! Im going to get it re-recorded and add some lyrics some day

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Around that 2:20 mark when you decide to kick it up a notch. That's beautiful my dude:P

You may also have nicked that riff from somewhere which name escapes me right now. But hey, why not recycle a good riff? :)

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It sounds like Blackmore, something from Deep Purple - maybe a piece of Highway Star. That's what it reminded me of.

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I think it may be inspired by something, I'm not even sure what, it has a familiar quality, but I dont think its quite like this in anything else, at least that I know of.

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Some Blackmore influence later.

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This one has been in my head for a lot of years, so it very well could be. I finally got this recording of it done a year ago, but I know I could play it better

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I am using an alternative browser and it hates SoundCloud, or so it seems. Let me try a real browser. My laptop is misbehaving and it's a hardware issue. It's covered under warranty, but this just started a couple of days ago. I'll have to grab another older one and use it while they repair this one.

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Buddha. I wanted to play this thing this week. I did. Man fuck family fuck people who hate me. Fuck it all I'll get it eventually. This week I'm in a bad way, but I still wanted to show up.

I wanted to play money for nothing.

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Thanks for stopping by. You need no apologies with a brand new kid. Focus on what really matters. Even though there are a few real people that care, you do matter here. When the time is right, we do want to hear your progress. It's so great to know another kid will hear real music in their life. Rock on, bro.

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When you're ready and able, we're here for you and want to hear it.

How's the kid's health?

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Welcome @Zinnsee. We get notified when anyone signs up. Glad you're onboard.

Had 2 other newbies recently, but I don't think they're on Voat. Maybe, but didn't recognize the names.

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I saw that. And, those are probably just spam bots. However, they can't spam automatically, so they've not posted anything. If they do it manually, delete and bans are in order.

[–] cynicaloldfart 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I did notice they both had cute little backstories, which nobody else did. But they're fancy bots if so, they filled in what instruments they played. Bears watching, and strangers do stick out in a familiar crowd.

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The young ladies say you're all pretty boring tonight. LOL

I'm not sure I've heard Voat called boring before.

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You can all listen to a bunch of drunks try to play a song that they dont really know how to play. Motel Kalifornia

[–] TheBuddha [S] 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Listening now. I do believe I've heard this one before?

Hmm... Have you heard the band do this?

She's just singing something. Does not appear to care what the words are, or even if it's a song. She could possibly have a nice voice. She could also be eating the mic, I'm not sure.

Ah, there goes Chris. The drummer quit. The lyrics just quit, as well.

Yup, there was some booze consumed that night!

The dog knows the lyrics better than the people.

That timing is horrible! ;-) I like how Chris just says fuck it and gets raunchy with it.

Hmm... The bass player (probably you) just kinda keeps playing something. Why not?

LOL I've renamed your cover "Cotel Halifornia."

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Tell them everybody's on vacation.

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They think only they are entitled to vacations. In their defense, they have been working hard. EH truly impresses me with her work ethic.

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Where the hell is everyone?

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COF says they're on vacation. I dropped an older track AND a new track that is old but you've never heard it before.

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