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Hi everybody! My buddy Chris came over last Saturday and we learned a few songs that we did not know before. I think we got them down pretty good for just learning them a half hour before we recorded them. here's Mr tambourine Man

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Dude you guys killed it on this one!

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Thanks man, we were killing it on everything last saturday somehow!

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This is probably the best I remember Chris' vox. What a great rendition you both produced.

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this one must fall right into his range

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This has a super nice vibe.. I'm sitting here on 5 hours of sleep with a glass of bourbon sort of drifting away on this tune.. This is one of Chris' better performances as well. Seeing Verle's name on the comment made me smile. :)

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Thanks Mr Harry! I thought this turned out great too, expecially since we just learned it

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That's one of my favorite Dylan songs.

Hmm... He might also like Tangled Up in Blue.

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yeah I am sure he likes that one, maybe we will try to play that when he comes over tomorrow night!

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MAJOR BACKLOG DROP INCOMING!! Thanks for all the hard work that everyone here does to keep the greatest sub on Voat alive. Thanks to @cynicaloldfart for archiving. I fuckin' love you guys and girlers.

Cheesebooger - [Eric Johnson - Cliffs Of Dover] https://instaud.io/31mP

[Van Halen - Hear about it later] https://instaud.io/31mQ

[Randy Rhoads - Dee] https://instaud.io/31mR

[Joe Satriani - The Extremist] https://instaud.io/31nn

[Cheesebooger - Fever Dream] https://instaud.io/31n2

[Joe Satriani - Time Machine] https://instaud.io/31mU

[Van Halen - Somebody get me a doctor] https://instaud.io/31mV

[Ted Nugent - Stranglehold] https://instaud.io/31mW

[Cheesebooger - Sagittarius] https://instaud.io/31n0

[Van Halen - 5150] https://instaud.io/31n3

[Joe Satriani - Cryin'] https://instaud.io/31n5

[Van Halen - Unchained] https://instaud.io/31n7

[Screamin' Cheeta Wheelies - Shakin' the blues] https://instaud.io/31na

[Van Halen - 1984] https://instaud.io/31nc

[Van Halen - 316] https://instaud.io/31nd

[ACDC - Shake a leg] https://instaud.io/31nf

[Van Halen - Eruption] https://instaud.io/31ng

[Joe Satriani - Tears in the rain] https://instaud.io/31nh

[Drivin' and cryin' - Fly me courageous] https://instaud.io/31nm

Thanks to @crazyeyes for the help with the delete problem within the link. You da man.

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Thank you so much for doing this. I had to drop these from the archives, as I told you, due to Vocaroo eating them. Now they'll get saved for posteriors. I guess there goes my weekend, between archiving and listening, looking forward to it. This is a fantastic collection of top of the line tunes. What a talent you are.

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haha I'm sorry. Thank you so much.

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Now that’s a fuckin list if I’ve ever seen one!

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LOL Nice! Gonna be honest, I'm not relistening to all those tonight. LOL You can't monopolize my ears during the FNGT!

On the other hand, @cynicaloldfart is gonna shit a brick and be happy as a clam. (Why are clams happy, anyhow?)

LOL I suspect you just made his day.

And, they're all on instaud.io! Did you make an account, or just upload 'em?

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haha I dont expect anyone to listen to all of these. For some reason a delete option is coming up. crazy brought it to my attention. I dont know why its doing that.

happy as a clam. (Why are clams happy, anyhow?)

Ya know, we need to determine how this saying came to be.

LOL I suspect you just made his day.

I appreciate all the hard work he does.

And, they're all on instaud.io! Did you make an account, or just upload 'em?

I just uploaded them. Will that be okay?

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its asking me if i want to delete your tracks

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Whoa, it's asking me the same thing!

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Huh? I wonder why?

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There is no need for any thanks, y'all. It is so much fun going back and listening again to your great tunes. And to re-read the comments has been so much fun. You're all crazy, and so much fun. I urge you to not only listen to the tunes, but go back into the threads and take a trip down memory lane. Just the other day I came across the thread from 7 months ago when a young EH, who didn't even have her formal name yet, stuck her head in on TheBuddha doing the thread and said "Oh, old people music, sounds great" or something close to that. Tonights offering shows just how far she has come in just 7 months. And I found where Crazy_eyes and Chris were just starting to use the Super Massive Unknown name.

It takes a lot of time doing the archives 'cause I get lost in the comments. Loads of laughs. I'm just now back to May and have another year to go. It's going to take awhile. You all are a productive lot and so much fun to listen to. If you see any mistakes, additions, or misplaced formatting marks, let me know and I'll get them corrected. It will only be as good as we all make it. As the big guy said, register if you haven't and participate.

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I think you only get to go back about as far as August, 2017.

And, regardless of you 'needing' thanks... Doesn't matter. You deserve 'em. ;-)

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I wasn’t familiar with this song; but my stepdad requested I made a version. I quite like the song. It’s a country meets blues type tune. I feel like it’s an older country song from the late 70’s or early 80’s, but this version is my take on Chris Stapleton’s version. It’s called Tennessee Whiskey. I still need to master it, but overall I’m happy with the mix; so mastering will pretty much just be a volume increase among some minor tweaks I’m sure.

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That was just awesome man, sounded so smooth. You sing so fucking good man. I loved this one

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Thanks Crazy. I agree that it’s a cool song. I’ll have to listen to more of this guys music

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You had me at 'Whiskey'... Holy hell dude, your voice. Everything you do is excellent.

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Thanks Reems. That means a lot to me coming from you. Both you and TB are crazy talented and your tracks are well recorded. I imagine yours will continue to get better and better with the classes your taking. It’s amazing to me how my ear has adapted in just 3 months of self recording. I just love having this thread, as it is my main motivation for getting something done every week.

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Man... I like your voice. I keep trying to think of tracks that'd suit your voice for you.

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I know one that I think he could do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJAF2jL4VMY

@LegalPERSON Have you ever listened to them before?

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Thanks man. I definitely like the requests as it gives me a nice little punch list of songs to work on when I don’t have something in mind already. I’ve got siblings and parents requesting songs too, so it’s been fun trying songs I haven’t heard previously.

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Very good job on that. I used to listen to David Allen coe's version of this a lot.

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That’s probably where I heard it originally. Way different vibe on that version if I remember correctly. I love me some DAC though

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I have also been informed that I am to share this link:


Why am I not sharing the direct link to the track? EH is bossy and wants you to throw roses - or compliments. She does it for the compliments, I'm pretty sure!

I should ping @HeyGeorge, 'cause he'll love that track that we made! It's his favorite band!

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To EH:

At least Buddha can recognize what a horrible influence he is, what with exposing you to Nickelback. Great job on it! And don’t listen to buddha’s mix suggestion... the lead does need to be that loud. The trick(s) are to use three additional tools to help your mix:

1.) psychoacoustic trick of turning down lead. (Your ears will ‘follow it down’)

2.) Use ‘ducking’ on the lead when the acoustic is playing.

3.) EQ! Cut space out of the lead tone. You can cut heavily at around 200k and below (rule of thumb) and maybe try cutting around 6-800 also. Then boost these frequencies in the acoustic.

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She likes Nickelback. Good kid!

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Good evening and welcome to another Friday Night Guitar Thread!

I'd like to turn your attention to https://fngt.gq where you will find the off-site community and backup forum for this thread. There's an active community there and it's more than just the archives. It has turned into quite a project and @cynicaloldfart (Old Farty Pants) has turned into quite a dedicated archivist. Once again, I remind you that we owe him a debt of gratitude.

But, while you're there, you might want to register. See, way back when, I asked if folks wanted the site to go invite only. That poll has now closed and the results are in. Registered users will get invitation codes to give to people and people will need to have invite codes in order to register to use the site. More people voted to make it invite only, so we will be going invite only. 'Snot entirely up to me to decide. I let you decide that.

If you have not joined soon, you will need an invite to join. One of these days, probably soon, I'll be flipping that switch and configuring that modification. I expect that to be in January.

Moving on...

We had a productive week. This week's song is to make up for last week!

Last week, we did a lovely song called Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd. It didn't come out as well as I'd like. This week, we had a guest for much of the week and our guest showed back up today. So, you'll get to hear one of the band members playing with us. She is on the bass. EH is on rhythm, but it's much more than that. What you'll hear that sounds like a reverb or even a delay is actually her playing parts along with me. You'll hear 'em. She's copying my lead 'cause she's been putting her hours in. She certainly put her hours in this week. (She does it for the compliments!)

So, let's give a warm welcome to The Eldest Hoodlum and TheBuddha Band (with special guest) as they cover Pink Floyd's Money!


Listen carefully. You'll hear her in there matching me note-for-note (where she's supposed to) and doing it at precisely the right interval. I am most impressed with her starting at about the 03:00 mark. That's not a delay. That is my guitar student in whom I am well pleased, and also a guest who is very lovely. (The missus is not home and won't be home for a while. I'm surrounded by beautiful young ladies! I even had one of 'em pushing me in my chair while the other rode in my lap!)

Anyhow, it has been a rough day. It has been a long day. I can't commit to being here as late as I'd like. I will stick it out for as long as I can and don't let my departure stop you from participating! I'll be fine. Y'all rock on without me. I'll stick it out for at least two hours, but I can't be sure that I'll last longer than that tonight.

In the words of Warren Zevon: "These young girls won't let me be, poor poor pitiful me. These young girls won't let me be, lord have mercy on me. Oh, woe is me."

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That was very, very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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"Thank you. I don't know who he is." EH

"Thanks, whoever you are that [EH] doesn't know." J

I'm reduced to secretary status.

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I have seen them play this live in '72. Probably my favorite, of many, concerts ever! This is spot on to that, and they just had Gilmour. EH, you are progressing so fast, truly a joy to hear. Gilmour is hard to replicate well, and you've nailed it. And hello back to you ;) [guest], what a joy to hear you joining in our little Friday night dive bar. You certainly class the place up. So glad you are spending time with these two, they need some watching over.

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"See? That's farty pants. Tell him I said thank you!"

"Thank you. I like spending time here with David and [EH]."

LOL Thanks, glad you liked it. It was much better than last week's submission and all three of us put some effort into making it. J (guest) even borrowed a bass to practice it at home as she has no bass of her own. She did not return my amp, now that I think of it. That's okay, she can hold onto it and take the bass home with her to practice some more. She's not a bass player, but is a guitarist. She has played at a bass. She's a multi-instrumentalist like the rest of the band mostly is.

No, I'm informed the entire band is. The bassist can also play keys. I'd forgotten about that. J has little dainty fingers. Watching her play bass is amusing!

The missus won't be home for like another 1.5 hours. I'm surrounded by beautiful young women!

It's pretty horrible! If you were closer, I'd have to ask you to come save me!

And she's not the watching over type. J is more the join in on the mischief type.

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sounds like you're trying to live like me! Woo Hoo! More power to you!

Whos playing the bass? That sounded wonderful. Just like olf Floyd would have done it, minus the singing. Those solos and the delays were spot on excellent. What a woman!

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J, a guest. She's a band member. She's the youngest of the performers (unless EH is on the stage). She's the one still in college.

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Nice. I seriously dig this tune, and I really enjoyed hearing the bass on this one. Like @LegalPERSON said, EH is going to be a monster player if she sticks with it!

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"Thank you, Chris. I will stick with it. I will be better than that!" EH (followed by a giggle).

"Thanks! I am not really a bass player but that one is easy." J

Glad ya liked it. We had to make up for last week's submission. ;-) For a little while, I'll have an extra musician in the house. We'll see what gets recorded.

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I've got one more to share with you all tonight. This one I woke up a few months back with it in my head and played it in my bed into the phone, well I finally got around to rerecording it and singing the words that I wrote down that morning. And yeah, its another twitterpated love song. My inspiration is sitting right next to me as I type this so it mus work. LoL, anyways, here is What Can I Do?

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I was ahead of the game on this one. Nice job on the guitar. This song has a good vibe

[–] crazy_eyes 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Thanks man,

[–] TheBuddha [S] 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

That song is so sappy, it's turned into syrup! You could probably put it on pancakes!

[–] crazy_eyes 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Yum! LoL

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Is that like poppunk? I like the effects on the guitar, trippy. And don't listen to Buddha. I know somewhere deep down in there he has a heart, he just doesn't want to admit it. I know that "once a Marine, always a Marine" but how he can keep that 'tude up with those lovely womenfolk around is beyond me.

[–] crazy_eyes 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I dont know what the hell you call it, its just what comes out

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Sounds 80's cool to me.. Seriously, your lyrics didn't go where I thought they were headed at one point. "What can I do?..."

Edit: Forgot to ask... What are you doing for the drums here?

[–] crazy_eyes 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

thanks Mr Harry!

The drums are a casio keyboard, I like to use that just to lay down the first track so the timing is right, and i never got around to drumming this one i figured those steady drums are all right for this song

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You know, I don't think I shared this with the FNGT?

As I am sitting here, and uploading it, I think I recorded it for @zylon_b as a 'throw-away' track. I said, "Oh, I can play that. Hold on." I came back like the next day and gave it to him to listen to.

I think that's the story, I'm not really sure? It was recorded in ...

Wait, no... It was recorded in July of 2017. So, it was well before the weekly guitar threads started up. Now, I have no idea who I recorded this for and I'm not sure what song I recorded for zyklon?

Anyhow, this is Metallica's song One, just the lead guitar. It's actually a beautiful song and the music is well written. It's one of my favorite Metallica songs and I'd like to think I do it justice.


I don't think I've shared it with you folks before? It obviously predates even EH living here. I don't even really remember recording it. It must have been for TF and the weekly guitar thread I got started there? I don't really know.

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That was stupendous, just terrific! Sounds exactly like Kirk Hammet. perfect rendition. I was drumming along on the couch here, and my lady didnt even complain about it!!

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takes a bow

You can throw roses! (Blatantly stolen from EH!)

It's a really fun song to play and I'd like to think I do it justice. It's one of those songs that I've played many times and I truly enjoy it. It's very complicated and actually pretty difficult to play well.

I'm glad you liked it. It's definitely one of my better submissions, I think.

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You always replicate the songs beautifully.

[–] TheBuddha [S] 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Thanks. That is my goal. I like the challenge.

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