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Some of it can actually be complicated, if one wants a pretty complete understanding.

Yeah, it takes time to "grok" things no matter how well it's explained, just as the best guitar teacher in the world can't make you Eddie Van Halen in 24 hours. I once made my own little battery powered practice amp and thought putting a 4 ohm resistor in series with a 4 ohm speaker would be fine with output designed for an 8 ohm speaker. It didn't sound too good. Also probably why it eventually quit working only two years before I finally understood why speakers specified ohms.

If you're interested in doing some articles, by all means let me know!

All in all you're doing way better than I could, besides, my way with the english language is horrible nowadays after way too much computer programming.


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Yeah, I usually get a kick out of people who think it's going to be easy/is easy. I'm really fond of giggling at the people who think they're the exception and that they "learn quickly" so that means they'll just pick up the guitar and start playing. Almost all of them, from what I've seen, think they're going to have something like 'an easier time than most.'

The ones that really amuse me are the ones that think they've got a better way. By all means, try. But, we do it the way we do it because we've had many, many years to master it. When we say you should use such-and-such fingers, it's for a good reason - like you may wish to add a pull-off 7th and doing it with other fingers is physically impossible with the normal amount of fingers assigned to each human at birth.

I have one guy that I keep trying to encourage. He's left handed. He bought himself a right-handed guitar, on purpose - to learn with. He told me this several weeks after starting, by the way. I type to 'em every day, several times a day. He was also convinced he was different and gonna have an easy time learning.


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Kinda off topic here, but.

When we say you should use such-and-such fingers, it's for a good reason

When Sweet Child 'O Mine first came out I scoured the guitar mags of the day to learn how to play it, and the one article i found said to use barres to play the main riff, and now I seem to be stuck that way. A local maxima, if you will.