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Man, when i saw that sine wave I was all primed for an explaination of clipping and distortion, and how the power amp section can cleanly amplify the distorted output of the preamp, but it was not to be. Maybe next time?

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I worry about article length, complexity, and broad appeal. It doesn't have to appeal to everyone - but it should be of mild interest to the people who visit the site on a regular basis.

Some leeway is allowed there - and sometimes I just write whatever I damned well feel like writing! It's my damned site and I'll write whatever I damned well feel like - that sort of thing.

But, I do try to usually keep it on a topic that has some broad appeal - to the types of people who frequent the site. I don't write for a general audience. I write for my site's visitors.

So, it's quite possible that that will come up. As I was writing it, I was pondering future articles about how the amplification process works, how the effects work, why they work, and things like that. I was actually thinking about the next one (on this topic) being about distortion - with fuzz and overdrive thrown in, as they fall under the heading of 'distortion.'

I'm also not sure if I explain things well enough? Some of it can actually be complicated, if one wants a pretty complete understanding. It doesn't help that everyone is all at different levels of understanding, has different motivations, and has different abilities to grasp certain subjects.

Today, I really wanted to write about a pretty neat guitar, but to do so (properly) would mean writing about music theory - for hours and hours. We're talking 10,000 word articles, at that point. To do it justice, we're talking several large articles that really get into some technical details - some of which I'm not sure I'm truly the best at explaining.

I don't actually plan out the stuff I write. I do keep a plain text file and I keep article ideas in it. When I've covered a subject, I delete the entry - unless there's more to talk about, then I add another entry below it. I don't even always consult that text file and sometimes I don't feel like writing anything that's in the text file. I pick another subject entirely.

Which is a long way of saying, "I'm not really sure?"

I'm pretty sure we'll get to it, eventually. To do these things, and to do them in a way that satisfies me, will probably require that people read the site regularly AND that I bring some of them up to speed, just to ensure we're all able to parse the information.

If you're interested in doing some articles, by all means let me know!

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Some of it can actually be complicated, if one wants a pretty complete understanding.

Yeah, it takes time to "grok" things no matter how well it's explained, just as the best guitar teacher in the world can't make you Eddie Van Halen in 24 hours. I once made my own little battery powered practice amp and thought putting a 4 ohm resistor in series with a 4 ohm speaker would be fine with output designed for an 8 ohm speaker. It didn't sound too good. Also probably why it eventually quit working only two years before I finally understood why speakers specified ohms.

If you're interested in doing some articles, by all means let me know!

All in all you're doing way better than I could, besides, my way with the english language is horrible nowadays after way too much computer programming.