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It might have been a better deal if you lit that $200 on fire and let it burn instead

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Aww don' say that, I can sell the hard case for 20 bucks, pull the metals and recycle and use the top for the missing shingle siding on my garage!!

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I think you've bought a wall decoration at best, mate.

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unless it's new I won't buy a guitar unless I have played it

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A lot of inexpensive guitars have a lot of personality. If you don't know how to tweak them, just watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to do a setup, level and dress frets, adjust intonation, etc. I have had many very expensive guitars over the years (I've been playing nearly 45 years now) and I currently have ten guitars. My favorite guitar to play now is a Strat copy I bought for less than $100, including the shipping. After tweaking it, it sings and has a ton of personality. I have a really nice G&L that sits in the corner most of the time since I got the cheapie. The guitar you showed us looks like it will have some cool possibilities. Crank it up and see what it will do. Every guitar has a song in it somewhere.

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Assuming this thing has shown up by now; what do you think?