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You know I have a guitar that feedbacks terribly when I add gain. Just the one. It must be the pickups, none of the others feedback like that. It's usually the microphones that feedback.

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What kind of guitar is it?

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I'm not sure. I think it might be a Kramer. One of my friends gave it to me when he got diabetes and couldn't play any more. He sanded the name off the neck, all the finish is removed from the body. He took the neck pickup out and filled that hole with glue. Leaving only the bridge pickup. It plays nicely, but I notice when Chris is here and we have a broken string, we just grab another guitar instead of stringing a new string. Whenever that one gets plugged in there's instant feedback

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lol It's interesting where we draw those lines though isn't it? When something can be salvaged and if it's worth it. I mean if it had been given to you and it was a Chinese knock off you might have gone all in on it, to unleash its potential. Just to prove you could make gold out of shit? I'm occasionally like that at least. Not that I have any talent(or even the tools needed), but I can be stubborn!

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Not me, really. If it were complete trash, even if given to me, I'd not invest in fixing it. I have ample guitars and none of them are trash.

If someone gave me a Chinese knockoff, I'd just find someone to give it to - or decline their gift.

I don't actually have a moral imperative to accept gifts and don't feel compelled to accept gifts that I don't want. If your third grade kid wants to give me their scribbles that they call art, I'm going to politely decline to accept.

But, in this case, it's beautiful and salvageable. I can walk away from this with an excellent guitar and not a lot of money.

I don't bring my PRS guitars on stage and this should give me some excellent hollowbody tones, enabling me to mimic Washburn and even 335 tones, while not risking damage to my more valuable instruments.

But no... No, if someone offers me a cheap Chinese knockoff, a Mexistrat, a First Act, or a Squire? I'm gonna politely decline their gift. Nothing compels me to accept gifts.