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I fell for the "you need an acoustic to strengthen your fingers" myth during my second infatuation with guitars around '87 or so. It had nylon strings with the classical tuners in slots on the headstock. I didn't care too much about it so i got the thickest bronze strings i could find, and as a result it was about to cave in and the plastic sleeves on the tuning capstans were disintegrating which made tuning... interesting. I wound up with huge calluses on my fingertips to the point where little chunks were falling out so my fingertips looked a bit like the moon with its craters. Imagine my chagrin when i finally got my first electric with 9's on it.

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Yeah, your fingers will get stronger even with light strings on an electric. If people are concerned, they sell finger exercising devices in a variety of forms - I personally prefer GripMaster. Unless the goal is to play just an acoustic, the main benefit is that an acoustic is easy to lug with you and pull out to play at any time.

If your goal is to learn Black Sabbath songs, buying an acoustic is probably not the best way to start.

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A quick google of that led me to believe it's for increasing grip strength, but i find those to be detrimental to independence of the fingers. I also used to take a 50 lb. dumbell like i was going to do dumbell rows but I'd rotate it back and forth about once a second instead to build up the forearm muscles. Now I'm still having trouble rotating the fretting hand fast enough for a good vibrato, so i tend to cheat snd just shake it like B.B. King used to do.

Edit: After another look at the GripMaster i see it has a spring for each finger.

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Agreed ...go with acoustic! The electric will be a cake walk after an acoustic

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I started on acoustic. Then when I finally got an electric, it was much easier on the fingers but is a bit different to play than a bulky acoustic.

If you just want to play chords/rhythm then get acoustic. If you want to solo, add spice, rock out with your cock out, then get an electric.

I'd take that one guys advice and just play whatever you can get your hands on. Learning basic chord progressions and scales is more important I think than whether you play electric/acoustic.

I'm pretty sure you can also rent guitars so maybe try renting one of each and see which you like better.

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some how i missed this one along the way. Anyways. just get a guitar, any damn guitar, get one out of a dumpster if you have to, just get a guitar and learn how to play it

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LOL Most people aren't going to want to play a guitar that is exceedingly difficult to get a good tone from.

I think I mentioned similar in this article. Yes, I can play a Hello Kitty guitar - and I can rock that fucker. I can make it sing.

Your kid can not. They can't even get it to ring an open E chord with a good tone.

They won't want to play it.

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i am not normal, I would play any guitar i come across, piano too

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Acoustic will be more physically demanding. Electric will be less forgiving. They both have their challenges and advantages. If you want to play both, you should practice both. Not an either/or type thing.