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Indeed. She says, "Thank you, ma'am." in her best southern drawl. (She doesn't actually have one, but she tried and then giggled.)

LOL And she just followed that up with, "Ah, shucks, ma'am. It ain't nothing."

But... Yes, the consistency is what I think I appreciated most about her work. I listened pretty carefully (and she tells me that she didn't do it with editing, and I've no reason to doubt that) and the consistency of her attack is really good. It's fairly complicated strumming for her skill level, and it's consistent volume and sustain. So, that means she had fairly uniform force and speed. The ringing tells me that her chords were played cleanly, which matters more to me than her speed. The tempo was mostly even throughout, but I can tell she didn't use a metronome, as there's some speeding up in the middle.

I'm impressed and I'm sure it seems like I'm being overly critical - but that's actually my job. That's what I'm supposed to do.

I don't really like having to give her a grade for her work, but that's my job and I have to formally give her a grade, and be able to present the grades on request to the Board of Education. So, I'm required to judge her work. I don't really like it - but I'll ensure that it's a positive experience for both of us and that grading is used as a tool to learn and not used as a weapon to control.


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She is so cute!


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She's too cute and too clever.

Combined, I've decided she's adorable.


She's reading this and just turned to me and said, "Damned right I'm adorable!"

I'm pretty sure I'm a horrible influence.