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I'd love the day where I was forced to hand her guitar instruction off to a better instructor. In fact, the goal is still to ship her to a university to major in a music discipline.

The flourishes you hear are there in his studio recordings, but less easily distinguished with the other instrumentation and vocals added. One of the reasons that I enjoy doing what I do is that I get to hear the music and the characteristics of the individual instrument - and that's often things that aren't easily heard while there's accompaniment.

I've sorta taken to calling her EVH - Eldest Van Hoodlum. And, I saw notification of your email! Thunderbird happily tells me when I get new email. It pops a handy dandy notice right up on my screen. I get a lot of email, but I let it do that 'cause it's not too distracting. I also use IMAP, which means my email is pretty much always in sync across multiple systems. Sweet!

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EVH is already taken

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Yup. She's Eldest Van Hoodlum.

LOL I can't wait until she's able to play Eruption. That'll crack me up.