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Excellent! In addition to this 50 Cal, I have a Mark IV that I absolutely love to death, as well as a Dual Rectifier Tremoverb. I’ve owned many Boogies along the journey and will always have a few on hand. The Mark V is so versatile. There isn’t a tone you can’t get; once you learn how to dial them in that is!


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Oh, you'll love what I ordered for her!

I got her the following:

2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Cherry sunburst)
Mesa/Boogie Mark V
Boss MS-3
Gator Titan case

I pretty much treat her like I'd treat my own family. And, no... No, I'm not actually sleeping with her mother! LOL That'd make the missus awfully grumpy!

But, girls only turn 16 once and I'll probably never have another student understudy.


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Wow that’s really something special! That’s a gift that can last a lifetime; and get better with age!